Eastern Province Herald November 3rd 1948

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Gillett, congratulating the local association on the suc­cess of the recent S.A. billiards and snooker cham­pionships held in Port Eliza­beth. The message read: “The executive of the S.A. Billiards Control Association send heartiest congratulations on most successful champion­ships and excellent organisa­ tion.” THREE NEW CAPS IN WALES TEAM CARDIFF, Tuesday.— Following their soccer defeat ,by Scotland, Wales have chosen three new caps— Hughes (Blackburn, goal­keeper), Rees (Cardiff) and Clarke (Manchester City), inside and outside-left respectively— for their match against England at Villa Park, Birmingham, on Wednesday, November 10. There are five changes from the team beaten by Scotland although G.T. Jones was chosen for that match, but withdrew owing to an injury. The team is Hughes (Blackburn Rovers) Barnes (Arsenal, captain), Sherwood (Cardiff City) Paul (Swan­sea Town), G.T. Jones (Everton) Burgess (Tottenham H otspur) E. Jones (Tottenham Hotspur) A. Powell (Everton), Ford (Aston Villa), Rees (Cardiff City) and Parke (Manchester City).— (Sapa-Reuter) Apart from the ordinary fol­lowers of boxing, even the more expert judges of the game are sharply divided in summing up the prospects of the two cham­pions. One cannot help feeling, however, that the section who are in favour of Ralph winning are allowing “patriotism ”to influence their judgment. Most South Africans naturally hope Ralph will pull it off, but— and this is always a true oftest patriotism— if it came to dipping a hand into the pocket to make areal live bet, how many would put their money on the South African? NOT A CERTAINTY On the other hand, Mills cannot be regarded as a certainty either. As a professional “pug ”he would bean ideal character in a Jeffrey Farnol novel, and would probably have earned many a golden sovereign in the days of bare-fisted boxing. Mills learned to fight from the time he first entered the professional ring, and has taken and given more punish­ment than Ralph ever will. The South African is un­doubtedly a fine boxer and, on paper, has an impressive record. Yet one may easily ask: “Has he ever been in a fight?” His victims may have impressed box­ing fans in this country, but they certainly meant little to profes­sional men overseas. Some hold the view that Mills is the type of boxer who will suit Ralph’s style of boxing. Ashe has not met any boxer with the same approach Mills has, that is diffi­cult to follow. Of course, this fight on Satur­day niay prove that a boxer can beat the “slugger,” but in the professional ranks the boxer who beats that type of fighter is more than a boxer—he is usually a large portion of both. Until Ralph has learned to mix it, and that means take as well as give, he must remain the boxer, purely and simply. RISK OF LOSING Another point of view is that if this is an official eliminating fight for the Empire heavyweight title held by Bruce Woodcock, would Mills come to this country kt the risk of losing a possible fight with Woodcock? Forecasts have been made that Mills will win on a knock-out, that Ralph will do the same, and that Ralph will win on points. That leaves little choice for any­one else, except that it is just as likely that Mills will win on a technical knock-out in the second half of the fight, and Ralph will abe much better professional fighter after Novem­ber 6. FREDDIE MILLS “REAL RESULT A DRAW” SAYS F. G. MANN LARGE ENTRY FOR TROPHY SPORTS T here's A mysT /ME foka COL GATE SHAVE CAPETOWN, Tuesday. “Although the result of our match against Western Province is recorded as a win, we feel that the result was a withdraw the honours divided,” said George Mann, the M.C.C. captain, here to-day. He added that Jack Cheetham’s sporting declaration made this result possible and helped to provide some fine and exciting cricket. The M.C.C. leaves by train this afternoon for Robertson where they will begin their two-day match against tne Western Province Country Dis­tricts team to-morrow. k and match Chee/tiam said it was a grand match and, all through, was played in avery fine spirit. r ‘Although we were beaten, I think the Western Province team put up avery meritorious per­formance. If the tourists are going to play their other matches in the same spirit, they should have avery successful tour.— (Sapa). J^JORE than 200 competitors will take part in the Grand £1,200 Trophy Athletic and Cycling meeting to be staged by the Port Elizabeth Amateur Athletic and Cycling Club at the Westbourne Oval on Saturday, j The finals of all senior athletic ^and cycling events will beheld, from two o’clock on Saturday, afternoon and most of the junioi ,events and cycling heats will be' decided in the morning from 10.15. Heats in the following' cycling' events will he held in the course of the morning: Qua- ler-mile juniors nnder 17, quarter-mile juniors under 1!) and quarter- ,mile seniors, half-mile juniors (under 19, one and five-mile :seniors. In an interview with a Herald reporter yesterday, Mr. Phil Ossher, organising secretary of the meeting, said he had b'een almost overwhelmed with entries and that competition will ha very keen. Arrangements are #ell in hand but it has been difficult as in some of the cycling events as many as three heats will beheld. In some events there are 25 entries. The programme will be timed to the minute and the meeting ends with a 10-mile motor-paced race in which there are six riders competing. They are: Moreland and Jowett from Maritzburg, and Lester Houzet, Cliff Farebrother, H. Pauls and VanG. Zyl. WELL-KNOWN SPRINTERS P.E. CHESS CLUB The club meets this evening oat ’clock, Athenaeum Club, Bel­mont Terrace. The draw for the Springbok and Murray Cups which will start this evening, is as follows: Section A :Philip vs. Wilson Jordi vs. Brinkwart Maasdorp vs. Bulbring Hartman vs. Rubin. Section B: Bergman vs. De Groot St. Ledger vs. Goodman Plessner vs. Katz Lang vs. De Wet. Rules and regulations applicable to the above competition are posted up in the clubroom as it is essential that players acquaint themselves with same before start of play. For further in­quiries phone Hon. Secretary during business hours, 86259. sPORTS NEWS --BY GLADIATOR^ 17V U JR ftP TP E.P. RUGBY OFFICIALS HOLD INFORMAL CONFERENCE Several Recommendations For Next Annual Meeting A CONFERENCE called by the President of the Eastern Province Rugby Union, Mr. R. St. Leger Searle, was held in Port Elizabeth on Saturday and attended by officials of the E.P.R.F.U., the E.P. Referees’ Society, Grahamstown Referees’ Sub-Area Committee and the Karroo and Midlands Sub-Unions. The gathering was of an in- tatureB for next seagon ghould formal nature and provided those regard three home matches and piesent with the opportunity to three away matches as the abso- discuss rugby affairs m general. lute maximum to be j d oRes lu t ion a u ^au o u s w erq ey - r Q$r u t c r/x sucks !Among the sprinters there are several well-known in athletic circles. Kelvin Forster, a senior rugby wing, K. Ledingham and Klinkradt, who are coming from East London, and Dr. F. Nel, the Old Collegians rugby centre, Frikkie Knoetze, Jimmy Lane and Myburgh Doubell, all from local clubs. George Cowden, the Uitenhage Marist sprinter, who holds the E.P. junior and E.P. and Border schools 100 and 220 yards titles, is also competing. In the field events there are Val and Louis Potgieter, Buur-j man van Zyl, Muller du Plessis,' Mike Hanley, J. Veitch, G. Joubert and Dibble.D. W. J. De Kock, a former E.P. champion, is fancied to win the mile walk from Collett of Rhodes and Cunningham of Port Eliza­beth. There will abe large infield the three-miles handicap event in which Jimmy Staines, of Northern Transvaal, who is also competing in the half and one mile, will betaking part. Williams, Cunliffe, Crouse, Col­ lett, Trevor Gee, from East London, A. Mills, now at the top of his form, A. Mountain, the South African steeplechase cham­pion and N. van Breda, the Police champion, are only some of the £ntrios. In a harry? Short of shaving time? Then here’s the way to move those whiskers— -quick! 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