Eastern Province Herald November 3rd 1948

2 EASTERN PROVINCE HERALD, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMRER 3,1948 m m b Q M x U 3 8 H B-A-W-D -S-I*-R.E -A-D from 11 to 3 1 metros Simple to operate, excellent in performance, incorporating all the latest features of modern radio. The new Pye Model 38H represents an outstanding advance on earlier designs, resulting in improved and wider entertainment value on all wavebands. Cash Price £3-2/10/0 (in­cluding one year’s licence). Terms: Deposit £4/0/0?12 monthly instalments o f ........................£2/11/0 ALSO AVAILABLE Model 88G :Cash Price £28/15/0 (including one year’s licence). Terms: Deposit £3/0/012 monthly instalments of £1/17/2. (Successors to J. P. Kirkland &Co.) 94 MAIN STREET P.O. BOX 412. PORT ELIZABETH. Phones: 3393/5431. SOLE AGENTS IN THE EASTERN PROVINCE FOR ZENITH AND PYE RADIOS. BIG DEMAND CONTINUES For All Kinds Of Woollen Goods LONDON, Tuesday. —Evidence of continued strong demand for all kinds of woollen goods was reported to-day by the Inter­national Wool Secretariat. “After several weeks of progressive decline,” says the report, “Merino combing wool prices, in both Dominion and spot markets have shown a distinct upward tendency during the past fort­night or so, partly owing to the advent of wider competition. “A contributory factor might be that some of the choicest wools of the season are now coming for­ inward the primary markets and attracting buyers whose interest is largely centred in these types. MERINO COMBING PRICES “In less than two months to mid-October, Merino combing wool prices receded from their highest point of recent months by 20 to 25 percent., the amount varying according to the type of wool, but even at that point they were well above the prices at the opening of last season. This decline is generally attributed to consumer resistance to wool pro- continued rn next column )BRUSH... UP... YOUR... SMILE... WITH THE C0RRECT-SHAPE TOOTHBRUSH* Straight-line head for the awkward corners~ CHESTERFIELD SUITE: This Suite consists of a Settee and two Easy Chairs, all fully sprung. The arm­rests are of polished wood and the upholstery is obtainable in a variety of different shades. 4 j Weekly I I/O TRAFALGAR DAY TRIBUTE TO TWO GREAT SAILORS Recently during the 143rd anniversary of the Battle of Trafal­gar, the Duke of Gloucester unveiled bronze busts of Admirals of the Fleet, Earl Beatty and Earl Jellicoe, which are seton the north side of the famous Square. The picture shows a general view of the scene in Trafalgar Square as the Duke unveils the busts. TRIAL OF U.S. COMMUNISTS DEMONSTRATION* IN LONDON Rand Miners Elect Shaft Stewards FUTURE CONTROL STILL VAGUE NEW YORK, Monday. —The trial of 12 leaders of the United States’ Communist Party, charged with advocating the violent over­throw of the Government, was postponed again to-day. A postponement to Nov. 15 was decided by Federal Judge Harold Medina after the defence counsel had moved for an unlimited delay and described the trial as one manufactured out of hysteria. In London, 500 Communists demonstrated outside the United States Empassy to-night, booing and shouting, “Take those bombers home,” and“ Stoi) the fram e-uj’,” t TlFIPtTT AiTlrix’K i>uil WOULD BELONG WITH U.P. SENATOR TUCKER ON HAVENGA’S SUPPORT OF HERTZOG JOHANNESBURG, Tuesday.^ H finalE results of the Mine- worlcers’ Union election of shaft stewards were released by the Witwatersrand Divisional Inspector of Labour, Mr.S. D. Mentz, late this afternoon. Although the Nationalist- dominated United Mineworkers’ Committee claims a sweeping victory, an honorary officer of the Mineworkers’ Union said to-night that a careful analysis of the results showed that the future control of the Union was still not clear and that the present ortho­dox trade union administration still had a fighting chance. FUTURE CONTROL While the sympathies of most of the newly-elected shaft stewards are known, the attitude of a large percentage has yet to be ascertained. The manner in which this percentage votes at the district meeting on November 10 will probably decide the future control of the Union. Meetings will beheld under Government supervision in each of the 17 districts into which the Mineworkers’ Union is divided, on November 10. At these meetings the newly-elected shaft stewards will vote for district representa­tives to the General Council, governing body of the Mine­workers’ Union. The new General Council will meet in Johannes­burg on November 22 to elect an executive committee and the honorary officers of the Union.— (Sapa). ----------?----------ZULU CHIEF’S APPEAL TO SUBJECTS ANALYSIS OF ELECTION ‘Stop tl 2 *JOHANNESBURG, Tues­day.— Senator Henry Tucker at the annual general meeting of the Witwatersrand W omen’s Council of the United Party in Johannesburg yesterday, said that if Mr. Havenga stated that he was —V. u ..-----1 (From Our Own C orresp on dent) DURBAN, Tuesday.— A circu­lar issued by Cyprian Bhekuzulu, Chief of the Zulus, exhorting his subjects to vote Nationalist in to-day’s election of Native repre­sentatives in the Senate maybe a deciding factor. The Natal can­didates are Dr. E.H. Brookes, retiring senator, and Mr. J. M. van Rooyen, Nationalist. I understand that the circular has been viewed with mixed feel­ing. It is understood that Mr. van Rooyen visited Cyprian recently and promised the granting of greater powers to the chiefs. MEN TRAPPED IN FRENCH TANKER PENZANCE, Cornwall, Tues­day.— With darkness to-night, hope faded of rescuing any of the ill men misting from the ,480-ton 1-M inute Mask ...gives your skin a lighter, smoother look !Whenever you want to look your prettiest —-a 1-Minute Mask f Mrs. John A. Roosevelt says,“ A f t are Mask ,my skin looks clearer ,fine r-te x t u red ...feels oms other I Make -up g o e son perfectly I ”Before you go out—always a 1-Minute Mask !Cover face, all but eyes, with Pond’s Vanishing Cream. Its“ keratolytic” action dissolves off tiny roughnesses, clinging dirt particles. After one full minute, wipe off the Mask and seethe results !Your skin looks lighter, clearer. It feels so much softer! H Always before make-up, smooth on alight film of Pond’s Vanishing Cream and leave it on. It’s a Heavenly Powder Base, too! 3888-E K O T A LIK WATCH SPECIALIST Showrpom t 2 n d FLOOR. AEGIS BUILDING PORT ELIZABETH, Phone :4248 A
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