Eastern Province Herald November 3rd 1948

PHONE 5777 OWE DAY CLEANERS (Pty.) Ltd. Trichlorethylene Odourless Cleaners and Dyers” “The (Eastern Bro V r inc e GET the saving habit FOR SAFE w § iP PHOJiE 2478. OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT NOW WITH THE PERSEVERANCE. PORT ELIZABETH. 79 MAINS ,VOL.T 104— No. 25a ’PHONE 2233—4—5—6. A thu orised Medium for Government Notices. PORT ELIZABETH, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3,1948 Registered at the G.P.O. as a newspaper. Price 2d. ESTABLISHED 1845 ESTIMATED 50,000,000 AMERICANS STREAM TO THE POLLS DEWEY STRONG FAVOURITE NEW YORK, Tuesday.— (Sapa-Reuter). TTEAVY voting was reported from the big cities to-day, when an estimated 50,000,000 American voters streamed to the polls for the 41st Presidential election, with the Republican Party challenger, Governor Thomas E. Dewey, of New York, strong favourite to defeat the Democratic President, Harry S. Truman, of Missouri. The small New Hampshire village of Hart’s Location was the first centre to send in a complete return. Eleven villagers voted for Mr. Dewey and one for President Truman. In 1944 President Roose­velt carried the district by six votes to four over Mr. Dewey. EARLY RETURNS INSULTING SPEECH Mr. Vyshinsky Is Reproved PARIS, Tuesday, —Mr. Paul Henri Spaak, the Belgian Foreign Minister, rebuked Mr. Andrei Vyshinsky, the chief Soviet dele­gate, to-day for what he described as an insulting speech, in the United Nations’ Political Com- qfiittee. Mr. Spaak is President 'J'H E next return came from the Cataloobse precinct in North Carolina’s smoky mountains, which gave seven votes for Presi­dent Truman and none for Mr. Dewey. (In 1944, Mr. Dewey got two votes there against eight tor President Roosevelt). Brown’s Farm precinct, in Southern Florida, reported four votes for President Truman and two for the States Rights candi­date, Governor J. Strom Thurman of South Carolina. Complete returns from one polling district in North Carolina gave President Truman a clean sweep of seven votes against none for Mr. Dewey, but the,, village of Poinye aux Barques, in Michigan —traditionally |he first in ,tliat . iU lL fc: .Lu 1111 V M YJitug— it:i va.jf.M i:. CABINET CRISIS IN CHINA SHANGHAI, Tuesday.^ H IN A’S economic chaos, reinforced by her military collapse in Manchuria, has forced a Cabinet crisis which shows tjttle hopsof u. early, CITIZENS’ RIGHTS OF FREE MOVEMENT WITHIN A STATE 1 ----.v» u h J... _ :—GRINDING POWDER FOUND IN PREVIOUS SHIPMENT FROM CANADA CAPETOWN ,Tuesday.— (Sapa). RAIL WAY Police officials are guarding another consignment of 37-seater luxury buses which have arrived in the Union from Canada. The ship carrying them was met off Robben Island by police officials and each bus is being kept under observation until the engines are stripped and examined for grinding compound. CLASHES AT PITHEADS TROOPS USE TEAK GAS AGAINST STUJjJSKj Recently, 40 of the 100 buses ordered by the Railway Adminis­tration in Canada were found to be defective on arrival, and ex­amination by Railway engineers showed that grinding compound had been poured into the oil lubricating system. It is not yet known where the sabotage oc­curred, but the Railway Police are making progress with their investigation. A representative of the Cana­dian factory which supplied the buses came to South Africa for the examination of the engines by the Railway engineers, and lie has now returned to Canada to organise an independent investi­gation there. SHIPS TO BE MET AT SEA Three shiploads of buses, which were on the high seas before the first grinding powder was dis­covered, are indue CapeTown shortly. These ships will also be met. at sea by police officials and their investigation then is ex­pected to decide whether the vehicles were sabotaged in South Africa orin Canada. The finan- I BUSINESS, cipd implications of the damage j win be settled »£the conclusion jj? AUSTINS TO MAKE CARS IN S.A. LONDON, Tuesday. jy jR P..L. LORD, Chairman of the Austin Motor Company, announced here to-day that the Company had bought a site in South Africa, at Blackheath, near CapeTown, for car production. The site is 110 acres in fextent.— (Sapa-Reuter). Britain And Relationship With Russia GET DOWN TO SAYS Mil STRACI1EY HEAVY VOTING IN THE BIG U.S. CITIES MAITLAND RIVER WAY OFF THE HIGHROAD LUXURY BUSES GUARDED BY S.A.R. POLICE
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