Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 7 No. 8

X1 Important new HUTCH IN SON books THEw THIRD QUARTER HUTCHINSON’S QUARTERLY RECORD o] the WAR by PHILIP GRAVES Deals with the period March -ju n e 1940 including the collapse of Fran ce, June 25, and covers every aspcct of the struggle, military ,political and economic. Uniform with THE FIRST QUARTER (10th imp .),THE SECOND QUARTER (3rd imp .).13 Illustration sand maps. 8/6 O SA JOHNSON’S I Married Adventure EVENING STANDARD BOOK O F THE MONTH. The story of the world’s greatest p h togo rap her of wildlife (Martin John son ).Sunday Tim es: "Truly fascinating beautifully illustrate d.”Ob server: “This exciting book.” 10/6 JAMES MOFFAT’s King George Was My Shipmate The intimate story of King George’s life as a sailor. O b serv er:‘‘A charming portrait marked by evident sincerity and harmonizing with everything known from other sources of His Majesty ’sch ara cte rand disposition.” 16 Illustrations. 16 /-GUY H. NAYLOR’s The Secret War The inside story of the war behind the War— this War, the Great War and several others— by a former member of the British Consular Service. iG lllustralio7is. iG /-The important memoirs oj ADMIRAL SIR GUY GAUNT THE YIELD OF THE YEARS The breezy reminiscences of the man who helped more than anyone to bring America into the last war. I t is a grim revelation of Germ any’s attempts into timid ate neutrals as now .27 unique photographs. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS TO HUTCHINSON’S PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE WAR In order to be certain of obtaining your copy each week of Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War it is most important to place a regular order with your Bookseller or Newsagent. If you have to leave your neighbourhood and experience any difficulty in obtaining your copy we shall be pleased to assist you by supplying the names of the Booksellers and Newsagents in the district. wr W e regret to announce that owing to the increase in the price 01 paper, Hutchinson’s Pictorial History of the War has been increased to 7|d .commencing with Series 7, No. 6.
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