The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 922, October 1972

CORRESPONDENCE SIK. OY! OY! Is a rabbatical a rabbi on a sabbatical? HUGH PRICE .Officers' Mess. c|W spotted this but decided to leave it—it was o r was not intentional but too good to amend.—ED.| SIK. T H ELATE IAN HUT CHE SON The passing o f Ian H u tcheso n ,re­ported in the August GAZETTE ,must liave brought a wave of nostalgia to remaining 1914-18 “old sweats CHe." pah pie ”Chapman —Ian with the big drum and the latter with his tenor drum—were a source 'of awe and pride with their swinging sticks to us. I wonder if they and others o f the Pipes and Drums o f those days realised what an uplift to morale they gave after spells in battle and trenches, and the many miles marched culminating in the Army o f Occupation on the Rhine. It was always pleasant and a reminder of old days to see Ian.“ C happie ",Bob Marshall and Gordon Allen (the latter two Pipers), sitting together up to a few years back on HQ table at 1st Bn 1914-18 Reunions. Alas, all have now passed on. In the Library Notes .H.G J. T o in alin name’s appeared in connection with the Henley Regatta. Several years hack 1 casually switched on the wireless one Sunday afternoon and over the air cam e“H ielan Laddie”. I had struck Franklin E nglem an’s" D own Your Way "and Tom alin, being interviewed from Henley, asked for this as his choice o f fortune his old comrades of the London Scottish 1st Bn 1914/18. As I live in North D erbyshire you will guess the thrill given me when so taken by surprise. EDWARD MITCHEL L.G reystones. Old Brampton. N r Chesterfield. SIR. STANDARD SIn the May GAZETTE ,there was an enquiry about Coy Standards, and so far there appears to have been no comments. It it is of any interest, the S Coy Standard, which was on a lance on the balcony outside Coy office, was square in shape, with a yellow back­ground and a large Sin red in the^n tr e . I believe the Standard is now in the possession o f the Regimental Museum .ARC HIE HILLS. F leatham House. St Bees. Cumberland. SIR. THE GAZETTE I u n Jerstand that the future o f the GAZE T TEas a monthly production is under enquiry due to the fact that it is heavily subsidised by the Regimental Trusts and it is felt that this constant and increasing drain on our resources cannot be tolerated for much longer. It is difficult to obtain facts quickly but members might be interested. If I am wrong in anyway no doubt you or someone else will quickly put m e right. 1 OCA membership costs £1-50 per annum . 12!p goes to the OCA and £1-37! towards the GAZETTE. 2 Postage must cost on average 3p per copy o r 36p per annum ,leaving just over £1 for the GAZETTE or approximately 8p per month. 3 This pays for well under half the cost, ie, the deficiency is greater than the income. 4 The subscription has not been increased for about 10 years, maybe longer. 5 The circulation due to natural erosion is decreasing. 6 The Serving Coy is sent free copies. But I would add that min y time as OC it was agreed that tile coy fund would retain the coy sub­scription and forego the agreed con­tribution from the Regiment. A separate grant was made to meas OC. I would be interested to see views expressed in these columns on the advisability o f taking what I regard as a retrograde step. ie. a quarterly GAZETTE which would, o f course, be somewhat meatier o for making a general increase in the cost to members and retaining a monthly edition for as long as you are able to find the energy and enthusiasm to continue. 1 would suggest that £3 per annum for the GAZETTE would be reasonable, the cost o f a packet o f cigarettes per month, coupled with an increase to perhaps 50p per annum to the OCA sub. I do not personally think we would lose avery large number of subscribers, but o f course, any loss would be regretted. I believe this would substantially cover the deficiency for the lime being and who knows, when the Drill Hall is redeveloped perhaps we shall not worry so much about a loss on the GAZETTE .While this is a possibility I would regret any decision to change the nature o f the GAZETTE ,one o f the charms o f which is the way in which with almost unfailing regularity (give o taker a week o r so) it comes through our letterboxes. Perhaps another loophole is the failure to nobble ex-serving members when they go onto the reserve as I have recently done. I should have done something about it by now but no one has chased m e form y sub­scription. J. CLEM ENC .“TE sam bika ”,K ippington Road. Sevenoaks. Kent. HALLOWE’EN HQ OCTOBER 31 A COY ASSOC TIA ION The Annual Ladies' Night will beheld Hat Q on Friday. October 20. at 6.45 for 7.15 pm .All paid-up members will receive a personal reminder nearer the date. JOHN WAY LET T .Hon Sec/T reas. GLASGOW BRANCH OCA lust two notes for the diary: Annual Ladies' Night. Dinner a n j Social. Ew ington Hotel. Queens Park. Friday, November 10.19.00 for 19.30 hrs. Cost about £1-50. Annual Reunion Dinner. Whitehall Restaurant, 51 West Regent Street, Glasgow ,Friday, March 23.1973. Lounge suit. 19.00 for 19.30 hrs. Ken W arw ood. Branch Chairman. John Gillies. Secretary," G reystones ".Plains, By A irdrie, M L6 8N P. C aldercruix 268. Page 203
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