The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 919, July 1972

SERVING BN ACTIVITIES SUPPORT PLATOON Gemini —Part I J^E A DING Captain Rutherford-Young’s letter in the May Gazette, sparked a chord of memory. The answer, Sir, is November last. Support Pin, however, have decided to have two correspondents (sorry, Jamie, no pun intended). Accordingly, “Panzer Jaeger ”wrote in the March Gazette, and with luck, this issue will contain a double feature by Support writers. Not mentioned by“ P.J. ”(no relation to“ G.A.P.J. ”)were the personnel upheavals of the winter. M r Rutherford-Young, as indicated, has been promoted Captain and moved to Coy 2 i/c. Dick Alexander has his second stripe he and Derrick Wallace have moved to the Rifle Pins, to impart a touch of badly needed class to those regrettable establishments. Incoming traffic is 2nd A.Lt Renton-Green (the original“ Renta Jock ”,beware of imitations), plus five junior ranks —to wit: /CL pls Andy McCombie and Andy Waddell Ptes Pete Aitchison, Jeff Charlton and John Hudson (making his second tour with Anti Tanks). On the debit side, Garry Mac left us when his employers (MoD) refused permission for him to sign on again, and David Anderson, after a short appearance, seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. Winter training proceeded with wiseing-up the new boys Mon obat (rumours that John Hudson was part of the original bicycle-mounted Tank Hunting Pin are untrue), in preparation for alive shoot at Netheravon in March. February 19/20, we slept in the Aldershot area on a dry training week-end. A curiosity of Saturday, in almost the same spot, was“ N A A FI ”trying to beat“ TEC ”performance’s of January, Hankley Down seems to have that effect on a number of people. Sunday we did some dry training in preparation for exercise “London Pride ”(of which more anon), in which the junior ranks whitewashed an Officer/Sgts gun team. And so back to London, without incident. Friday, March 10, saw an assembly at 59. Whilst the rest of the Coy were bound for the snows of Perthshire, we offset for the sunny south—Salisbury Plain. On arrival at Nether­ avon, we found that we were sharing “our” stables with 10 Para Support Coy and a detach­ment (very detached) from the HAC. This had repercussions later, when two of us, who should have known better, found themselves short of their 58 pattern webbing. We took three guns, although slightly under­manned. Guest stars were Captain Rutherford- Young, making definitely his last appearance Joe Wright, cook extraordinary and two well-kent faces, “Split ”Waterman, with camera at the ready, and Dave Hillman, piloting the 4 7 with about 80 rounds of ammunition. Saturday morning started with gun drills —run by our new A/T k PSI, Sgt Ward. Run was the operative word, which was as well, since the wind and rain made any standing about un­comfortable. Later in the morning we offset for the ranges via a route which was so pretty that we retraced our steps several times. Rumour has it that the Coy 2 i/c was navi­gating from a map of London Underground. By the time we had reached Casterley Vedette, the rain had ceased. Instead, we had a full scale blizzard inaction. Undeterred we pressed on with preparations for zeroing, using a handy tank at ±800 (the zeroing screens normally used refused to stay upright in the wind). Due to some unstated reason (thrombosis?), the Maskell gun stayed silent, with a succession of misfires. Zeroing the other two guns took sometime, the target being continually obscured by snow. Eventually we packed up and returned for tea to Netheravon. In the evening we dispersed in search of the traditional pleasures. Our travelling gourmet is pleased to report that the British Legion has added toasted sandwiches to its pickled eggs and excellent bitter. A detachment went further afield (Bulford, we think), in search of a rumoured dance full of nubile lovelies. On later interrogation they refused to comment. Sunday dawned, dreadfully early, bright and dry, although a brisk half-gale was still blowing. After breakfast we offset for Lavington Folly, reached without any mishap today. An enjoyable firing session was had by all three gun teams the Maskellites decided to participate this time. Our guest Artistes, “Sp lit” and D.T.G., fired off our last two rounds, both scoring excellent hits. After this we had a sub-calibre shoot, although the moving targets weren’t, because of the wind. After a quick lunch we offset for London, driving in the dreaded convoy, a tedious business at best. How to keep convoy stations in the usual Sunday traffic is a mystery —perhaps MoD run courses on the subject? Monday nights find us training for “London P rid ore”, atone of T.E.C.’s lessons to the Coy on A FV recognition. An interesting subject, although marred by the hopelessly outdated slides provided —any illustrated journal has better pictures. Our collaborator, “Panzer Jaeger ”,will be writing about our part in “London Pride ”,with, we hope, a copy of the libel laws at his elbow. We are currently threatened with a Support weapons concentration at W arcop this year, in mid-June. Until then we shall rest our pen. TTFN . C alibred. Stop Press: The other day, Dave Maskell was seen with a curious ribbon on his jacket. En­ quiry proved that he has completed 12 years of (mainly) undetected crime to qualify for his TEM .Our felicitations, David —to some of our readers it must seem like yesterday when first you appeared at 59. Page 124
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