The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 919, July 1972

THE LONDON SCOTTISH Honorary Colonel H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Regimental Colonel Colonel F. G.M axw ell, CBE, TD, DL THE 51ST HIGH LAND VOLUNTEERS Commanding “G ”(London Scottish) Company Major Richard H olliday, TD LONDON SCOTTISH REGIMENTAL CADRE Cadre Commander Major W .B. Campbell, TD Chairman o fOld Comrades Association Major T. R.S. Lyon, TD Hon Secretary K.W Mean, B HonE Treasurer A .W. G ritton Editor o f the Gazette Cameron A.M cIntyre Assistant Editor Captain R.N utherford-Young Hon Curator of Regimental Museum Ian Bu lpin, MBE Assistant Curator A.V. Masters Hon Regimental Librarian P. Douglas N iek irk, BEM Regimental Secretary Mrs W . R ylands Published at Headquarters 59 Buckingham Gate, London, S W 1. Tel N o :01-8280234. No 919 —Volume LXXVII July, 1972 FRONT COVER Ted Bathurst being welcomed to Perth by the Lord Provost (see Editorial). The London Scottish Regimental Gazette LEADER DELISSE DE DAINVILLE AT 1ST BN 1914-18 REUNION T>HE early books in Henry Williamson’s Chronicle o f Ancient Sunlight are an excellent literary documentary on the period up to and during the First World War. His London Highlanders are London Scots in very thin disguise. But looking round 59 Buckingham Gate on Saturday, May 20, from a distance of almost 60 years it was hard to pick out anyone who might at the time have taken on the mantle of W illiamson’s enigmatic anti-hero, Philip Maddison. There was much reaching into inside pockets for old snapshots and newspaper cuttings a great searching of memories for half-remembered names and most of all, many happy smiles as thoughts went back to jokes and jokers in the grim life of the trenches. There’s a certain amount of blushing being done by the Second War 1st Bn types, whose Reunion the previous evening mustered many less than the 64 achieved by J. S. Stevens, the chief organiser. Not bad at all this, for even the boys among those present were well into their seventies. They have retained what A.S. Dolden, the Chairman, called “Our great affection for the Scottish ”despite being posted to other Regiments and even starting second military careers in the Second War. These men are connoisseurs of reunions, but even to them this one was special. Hereon the tabletop as Guest of H onour was Michel Delisse. A great friend of the Regiment over many years and Councillor of Dainville in France —the village that never forgot. In reply to the toast “Our Guests ”,most sincerely proposed by J. H. Middleton, Michel spoke with practised skill, fluent English and a friendliness which made us glad our entry into the Common Market is approaching fast. “Mr Chairman, and dare I call you gentlemen, of the London Scottish. It is indeed a great honour for me and a grand new experience to be with you all this evening. 1 already know so many of you so well that this is also avery great pleasure. May I first of all express my grateful thanks to Alec Stringer for having meas a Guest of H onour, and to you all for your wonderful welcome, so typical of Scottish hospitality. This indeed goes straight to my French heart. But is it entirely French, I sometimes wonder? Continued on page 136 Page 123
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