The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 919, July 1972

THE ASSOCIATION OF SERVICE NEWSPAPERS ADVERTISEMENT PAGES, 67/68 JERMYN STREET, ST. JAMES’S, S .W TEL..l. 01-9301108-9 Don’ bet vague, ask for Haig. HAI JQHM HA3Q & C&lTD. DisnutRs.M ARKINCH. SCOTLAND &>#66* Haig. The oldest name in Scotch. In Western Germany contact: Egbert M enke, 4050-M oenchengladbach-Rheindahlen, Erkelenzerstr. 8. Tel: 02161/29091. F ahrzeughaus W iegmann,2800 Bremen, Waller H eerstrasse 199. Tel: 0421/383244. Feldm ann &Co. Gm bH., 4770 Soest, A rnbergerstr. 7. Tel: 02921/3842. Horst Baecker, Automobile, 2850 B rem erhaven, Industriestr. 27/29 Tel: 0471/24442. Telex: 0238801. Kerr Motors, 4800 Bielefeld, Ilerforder Str. 101/103. Tel: 0521/67867. Neotechnik, Goethe& I’rior, 4800 Bielefeld, H erforder Str. 110/114. Tel: 0521/61637. Telex: 0932513. Schwarzwald- Auto, 7630 Lahr, O ffenburger Strasse 5. Tel: 07821/2378. W ichmann &Co., 1000 Berlin-31, Wilhelm saue 39/41. Tel: 0311/862350. Telex: 0183501. The car we beat around Beat around in the 700 acres of our new £31- Ground at Millbrook in Bedfordshire. We crashed it, hurled it,soaked it,battered it, and hammered it over roads, tracks, surfaces and special equipment specifically built to subject any Vauxhall car to the worst and toughest possible conditions. The new Viva made it. So we made the new Viva. to beat any car around. made it to beat any comparable car around. A family car that offers a total package of design, strength, comfort and sheer style that just can’t be beaten for the price. Choice of three engines: 1159cc, 59bhp 1159cc, 72bhp 1600 OHC. 80bhp. 7/72 Printed in Groal Britain SUPPLEMENT No. 1-PAGE ONE
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