The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 918, June 1972

THE LONDON SCOTTISH Honorary Colonel H.M .Queen E liz a beth The Queen Mother Regimental Colonel Colon elF. G .Max well, CBE, TD, DL THE 51ST HIGHLAND VOLUNTEERS Commanding “G ”(London Scottish) Company Major Richard H o ill day, T D LONDON SCOTTISH REGIMENTAL CADRE Cadre Commander Major W. B. Camp bell, TD Chairman of Old Comrades Association M a jo rT. R.S. Lyon, TD Hon Secretary W.K e an, MBE Hon Treasurer A.W. Grit ton Editor of the Gazette Came ro nA.M c I n tyre Assistant Editors Cap ta inN .Ru the r for d-Y o gnu Sot Lionel Smith Hon Curator of Regimental Museum Ian B u lp in, MBE Assistant Curator A..V Masters Hon Regimental Librarian P. Douglas N ie kirk, BEM Regimental Secretary Mrs W.Ry lands Published at Headquarters 59 Buckingham Gate, London, SW 1. Tel No: 01-8280234. No 918 —Volume LXXVII June, 1972 FRONT COVER On March 27, CSM John Van Der Vord of G Coy (London Scottish) was presented with his Certificate for Meritorious Service by Field-Marshal Sir Gerald Templer at the Duke of York's TAVR HQ, Chelsea. The London Scottish Regimental Gazette |LEADER| DEVELOPMENT NOTES BY THE REGIMENTAL COLONEL rJ ,HERE was a parody on “Hiawatha” during the 1914/18 War, which contained the lines:“ Rumour is the only ration reaching to the front line trenches larger than it left the base dump There is a lot of this ration about the Canteen and Messes just now I am anxious that it should not become too grossly inflated before it reaches to the outermost limits of the BBC’s Vanishing Empire, where so many Old Comrades of ours still live and work. Our end of Buckingham Gate is within the boundaries of the office development area immediately bordering up Victoria Street. A number of interests have, therefore, approached the frontagers with offers to buy or to develop. No 59 belongs to Trustees, who have a clear remit as to how and for whom the capital is to be used the property cannot, under present legislation, betaken over by anyone whether Government Departments or Real Estate Dealers, without the Trustees’ consent. There are, of course, a number of alternatives to be considered. One would be to stay where we are and as we are, with our three little storeys becoming more and more obscured in the ever growing penumbra from tower blocks on all adjoining sites. In this case, the serving coy —and one day we hope, again a Bn, will just have to thole the present inadequacy of offices, messes, kitchens, stores and transport accommodation and goon boasting that a Bn at war establishment can still parade in FMO to do “drill” on the floor. This is the easiest, but probably not the best alternative. Another possibility would be to develop No 59 with (or without, for neighbours do not always have the same ideas) the other frontagers and to leaseback in one form or another, enough accommodation for ourselves. The serving coy —and indeed all clubs, messes and associations —would have to be billeted out for 2 or 2} years: Putney Bridge or Clapham Common might be of the kind of distance we might have togo. This possibility is being explored with professional advice. Any chance of success must depend on obtaining planning consent to build adequate floorspace to produce a commercial development, as well as what we require for HQ purposes. At present, the ”for“bid accommodation by the coy, as well as by Regimental organisations looks like taking up more than the total floorspace which the Development Authority is willing to grant. Continued on page 101 Page 99
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