The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 918, June 1972

In IS9I Michelin invented the first detachable pneumatic cycle tyre. Since then many major breakthroughs in tyre technology, including ilie radial tyre, have been thought of, developed, and commercially produced by Michelin. Today, Michelin is the largest tyre manufacturing company in Europe, overproducing 1500 different types and sizes of tyre for every conceivable kind of vehicle from a scooter to a giant earthmover. Michelin employs some 80,000 people in over thirty factories throughout the world, four of them in the UK at Stoke-on-Trent. Ballymena, Mallusk and Burnley, with others being built at Dundee and Aberdeen and expansion at the existing Burnley plant to include wheel manufacture. To get to the top and stay there has meant a lot of hard work. We've a number of people to thank for this—many of them like you. People who, thanks to their service experience, welcome responsibility, know how to lead and achieve the best from others. A company as progressive and as successful as Michelin is always on the look-out for Management Stall’ .Men who have proved themselves, men who can set a standard on a par with Michelin’s own. Production Supervision, Engineering Supervision and Work Study. These are the main infields which Michelin can offer careers with a future. Of course, the change from the Forces to Civvy Street isn't easy, but Michelin aims to alleviate, wherever possible, the problems of transition and every assistance is given. By going through the Company’s management selection procedure whilst instill the Forces, taking fullest advantage of the re-settlement period, you can go straight from the Forces direct into anew career with Michelin in one smooth step. Management and/or Technical training will take place at the U.K. headquarters factory at Stoke- on-Trent and further experience could be gained at Michelin's Continental plants or other U.K. locations. Write for an application form to:R. G. Spencer, (Ref S 6 0/E 2), Michelin Tyre Co Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, S T 4 4 E .AndY wherever possible, interviews will be arranged at a convenient centre. ¦CH%LIN FIRST FOR CAREERS Printed in Great Britain by HAD DEN ,BEST &Co Ltd., P o rtm an Road, Ipswich and published at Headquarters, 59 Buckingham Gate, London, S .W .l. Advertisement Agents: Service Newspapers, Ltd., 67-68 Jerm yn Street, St. Jam es’s, .S'.H'M .
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