The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 917, May 1972

London Scottish THE LONDON SCOTTISH Honorary Colonel H.M. Queen E liz a beth The Queen Mother Regimental Colonel Colon elF. G. Max well, CBE, TD, DL THE 51ST HIGHLAND VOLUNTEERS Commanding “G” (London Scottish) Company Major Richard H o l lid ay, TD LONDON SCOTTISH REGIMENTAL CADRE Cadre Commander Major W. B. Camp b e l l,TD Chairman of Old Comrades Association Major T. R.S. Lyon, TD Hon Secretary W.K ean, MBE Hon Treasurer A . W .Grit ton Editor of the Gazette C amer o nA.M cI n tyre Assistant Editors C a pta inN .Rut her for d-Y o gnu Sgt Lionel Smith Hon Curator of Regimental Museum Ian B u l pin, MBE Assistant Curator A.V .Masters Hon Regimental Librarian P. Douglas N ie kirk, BEM Regimental Secretary Mrs W.Ry lands Published at Headquarters 59 Buckingham Gate, London, S W 1 .Tel No: 01-8280234. No 917 —Volume LXXVII May, 1972 Regimental Gazette leader ALL IN THE FAMILY rTHE Regimental history, dealing with the time in the first months of 1943 when the 1st Bn was stationed at Kirkuk in Iraq, records that, “The Scottish achieved a notable series of successes at sport. At a Bde Sports Meeting the Bn representatives achieved clear wins in all but one event the rugger side suffered defeat only at the hands of a combined 169 Bde team and won all three of a series of matches against a Rhodesian RAF XV. The Bn boxers, too, proved their worth and achieved a most convincing win in the final of the Division Championship. Perhaps, however, the greatest enthusiasm was aroused by the soccer team had developed into one of the strongest teams in the Command.” Keith G.E. Walker, writing to Alastair McIntosh, recalls those days and somewhat ruefully admits to being the Scottish represent­ative in the only event at the above Sports Meeting which the Scottish lost, viz, the 100 yards! However, he made amends by winning the 220. He also recalls being the sole Pte in the afore­mentioned Bn Rugby XV, of which 12 were officers. A contemporary Gazette refers to him as also being a cricketer of no mean ability. Keith had thought of joining the RAF when he attained 17 years of age in 1941 but the family persuaded him to try the Scottish. His father introduced him to Captain Colin Burn at the Recruiting Office at 59 Buckingham Gate and so, overstating his age by 18 months, Keith was accepted and went up to Bridge of Don in March, 1941, as a volunteer. He was posted to the 2nd Bn London Scottish where he became a Signaller in HQ Coy. He volunteered for the draft which went to the 1st Bn at Higham (he remembers it as “some God-forsaken place”), and served in the Signals Pin, becoming attached as Signaller to B Coy under Major Angus F. MacLeod in time for the Bn’s first inaction Sicily and remaining with that Coy until he was captured on February 28,1944, at Anzio when the enemy, using flame-throwers, overran the Coy position. K. G.E. Walker followed his father and the latter’s three brothers in serving in the Regiment, and this family connection of the Walkers of Wimbledon is one which, we believe, is unique. Continued on page 85 FRONT COVER The 1 st Bn 5\st Highland Volunteers Coy Cmdrs' Convention Dinner at the Royal George Hotel, November 21,1971. The Honourable Col­onel David Arbuthnot, CO, is seen with Officers of the Bn and their ladies. Major John Clemence, then Coy Cmdr of G Coy (London Scottish) is seated on right of front row and then Captain, now Major, Richard Holliday, is at “11 o’clock "and first in the third row.
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