The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 917, May 1972

Re-unioih re n d e zvo u s! T hink i i i i l i M ake it a sunshine rendezvous (o r a sunshine holiday> lo r as little as £18. A ll in. There are no language currency officious strange food. Instead, you’ ll find lots of sunshine (remember that sunshine?). Lots of well appointed hotels. A choice of British or Continental food and drink. Sun drenched beaches and swimming pools. And one of the worlds most fascinating shopping streets with everything from all over the world (fashions, jewellery, watches, perfume, fabrics) at unbeatably low prices into the bargain. And in between the fun and the sun you’ll be able to re-visit the historic galleries, the old military installations, and the fascinating St. Michael’s Cave. You’ll be able to show your family your old haunts. And take advantage of excursions across the straits to exotic Tangier - only 20 minutes away by air or 2 hours by sea as well So when you plan your next re-union or overseas holiday, think GIB. You’ll be glad you did. There’s more information available in this free booklet. Send for your copy today and plan ahead of all the other re-union rendezvousers. Nam e___ R ank____ Regiment. Address_ Conference Iiureau, Gibraltar Tourist Office,15 Grand ^^3uikiings, Northumberland Ave, Trafalgar Sq. London WC2 LS-59 Printed in G reat Britain by HADDEN, BEST & Co., L td., Portm an R oad, Ipswich and published at Headquarters, 59 Buckingham Gate, London, S.W .l. Advertisement Agents: Service Newspapers, Ltd., 67-68 Jermyn Street, St. James’ s, S.W .l.
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