The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 915, March 1972

ANTI-TANK PLN NOTES. Training, January 21-23,'72. The first training week-end of lhe New Year due to commence not later than 2100 hrs on Friday, started with a rccord low attend­ance for the Pin. Not everyone can have been working on Saturday or Sunday or both. To turn upon Sunday in“ civvy ”kit only adds insult to injury when one has endured the “cuckoo alarm clock ”and other irritants during the week-end. Friday evening was devoted to checking kit and listening to the usual excuses and others as to why certain items of kit were deficient. Apart from the usual unoriginal“ I’ve lost them”,“ I can’t find it”, “The wife’ holdings her stockings up with it”,“ I’ve lent it to Pte Kneecap”, there were other rather more ungentlemanly attempts to explain near empty kitbags including one very vague story about a family dog and a deficient boot containing a TomTit. Attempts to blame the rifle pins were judged to be quite untrue. However, over,work the evening settled down to the serious business of drinking-in the Sgt-Major’s birthday. The Anti-Tank Pin hope that his wife enjoyed the traditional birthday card as much as they did. but could they please have the pictures back for their art collection. They should be returned to the duty pornographer. Saturday morning reveille was at 04.30 orin anticipation of the Common Market, “au pete de moineau ”,followed by shaving, showering, sham­pooing etc, etc, and breakfast consisted of the regulation half sausage and four beans baked all packed with vitamins and proteins, but sadly lacking in the bulk that beer extended stomachs require the morning after. The move to the training area was in convoy, and having left the vulgar influence of the rifle pins the remainder of the morning was spent in routine training. Lunch of compo was cooked by detachments with the exception of Sgt Crivelli. the Galloping Gourmet of the pin, who produced a tactical onion, shrimps and curry powder, and then proceeded to give a demonstration of self poisoning. More training in the afternoon broken up atone point by avery shapely piece of local talent on a horse, who had to make a detour around the gun in order to pass. Unnerved by 14 lecherous pairs of eyes (including many veterans of Hamburg) she attempted polite conversation by enquiring of Grant whether he was intending to use that (the gun) heron The sotto voce reply of Cpl Naafi Jones our Plaid Cymru representative has been expunged by the censor. Dusk meant an end to training, and after cooking and eating, the pin returned to Bisley for more lectures and to sleep. So far the week-end had gone entirely according to plan, but there now occurred one of those mysterious happenings that invariably enliven the dullest week-end. It is with great pleasure announced that Hudson has been awarded the Brookwood Cup for exceptional unaided aerobatics with a J tonner and attached Mobat. or more specifically quoting from the ...citation“ Pte Hudson did completely unaided in an area large and fiat enough for Concorde to take oil’, and surfaced with tarmac to BS specifica­tion. turnover onto its back one Mobat, leaving same attached to towing vehicle so that it could not be righted or unhooked in a period of time not less than three hours Congratulations John, we all enjoyed the celebration whisky afterwards. The postscript to this event was the appearance of the Recovery Vehicle complete with lifting crane at the high part, organised by S/Sgt Kellas. arriving justin time to seethe gun unhooked, righted and hooked in again. The initial unhooking was achieved by some very careful work with avery large Birmingham screwdriver (sledgehammer). To avoid hurting the feelings of the Recovery Vehicle’s driver who had come all the way from Aldershot only to find himself redundant, the landrover refused to start necessitating a tow before the return to Bisley could be completed. Sunday morning was as early as Saturday and the pin was back at Buckingham Gate by 09.30 in order to spend the rest of the day tidying up. painting vehicles and other mysterious duties that always seem to precede an inspection. To finish with one sad bit of news. Renwick lost something over the week-end and would be most grateful if the finder would return it ashe cannot remember where he dropped it. Panzer J aeger. A.Lt J. D enehan, Commanding CONGRATULATIONS togo A.Lt Denehan. for being awarded the Long Service Medal for 12 years service. We are very sorry to learn that at the same time. Lt Denehan has now found it necessary to give up command of A Coy of the London Scottish Cadets, owing to increased business commitments. The Cadet Coy has received a donation of a copy of the “Uniform of the London Scottish ”.from an Old Comrade which is much appreciated. Major D.R. Stewart Allward has been awarded a Bar to his Cadet Long Service Medal for 24 years’ service. Piper Milner played a lament at the Annual Service Commemorating the death of Pte George Mitchell. VC. held at the George Mitchell School. Leytonstone. Page 36
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