The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 915, March 1972

THE LONDON SCOTTISH Honorary Colonel H.M .Queen Eliza beth The Queen Mother Regimental Colonel Colon elF. G. Max well, CBE, TD, DL THE 51ST HIGHLAND VOLUNTEERS Commanding “G” (London Scottish) Company Major Richard H o ll id ay, TD LONDON SCOTTISH REGIMENTAL CADRE Cadre Commander Major W. B. Camp b e l l,TD Chairman of Old Comrades Association M a jo rT. R.S. Lyon, TD Hon Secretary W.K ean, MBE Hon Treasurer (Temporary) A.W. G r et ton Editor of the Gazette C amer o nA.M Inc tyre Assistant Editors L t N .Rut her for d-Y o gnu Sgt Lionel Smith Hon Curator of Regimental Museum Jack O .Rob son Assistant Curator Ian B u l pin ,MB HonE Regimental Librarian P. Douglas N ie kirk, BEM Regimental Secretary Mrs W.Ry lands Published at Headquarters 59 Buckingham Gate, London, SW Tell. No: 01-8280234. No 915 —Volume LXXVII March, 1972 FRONT COVER Sgt Peter Lord demonstrates MMG to most interested potential recruit at Wimbledon. The London Scottish Regimental Gazette LEADER RECRUITMENT AT a recent meeting it was decided to take various courses of action to this end. 1 The recruiting Sgt would arrange visits to Hostels by recruiting teams to commence as soon as poss'ible. 2 Mr Renton-Green will circulate newly joined members of the Rugger Club and also a selection of Scottish Companies in London. 3 Mr Rutherford-Young will arrange a series of Lectures to members of CCF Contingents in London by Captain Aitken with a view to inviting them to a Demonstration/At Home at HQ. 4 A competition will take place as from January 1,1972. The prizes for the most number of recruits introduced will be as follows:— 1st Prize £25 2nd Prize £15 3rd „£10 4th „£5. These will be presented on Church Parade this year for the period ended October 31,1972, and the only conditions will be that to qualify the recruits must have successfully completed a recruits course and the 1st prize will not be presented for fewer than 3 recruits introduced. Members may of course form syndicates between themselves. I would only add that an influx of recruits is necessary not only to preserve the present strength of the Coy but also to take advantage of a rumoured further expansion. I have agreed with the CO that we would favour such an expansion especially if it took the form of a second coy within 1/51 HV as a first stage. If this happened it might cause a certain amount of overcrowding in the Drill Hall but remember that not so long ago we had a battalion in the building and if the drill hall were to be redeveloped this would be catered for. Such a redevelopment is far more likely to happen if an expansion has taken place following an increase in numbers. One thing follows from another but it all hinges on increased numbers. J. lA.C e men ce, Major Company Commander. Page 35
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