The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 915, March 1972

THE ASSOCIATION OF SERVICE NEWSPAPERS ADVERTISEMENT PAGES, 67/68 JERMYN STREET, ST. JAMES’S, S .W X _______ TEL. 01-930 1108-9 Big discounts on your new car or caravan cash or HP through Naafi Naafi doesn't actually sell you the car or caravan. Naafi's part of the deal is to see that it co sts you as little as possible.This is how: DISCO UN TS FROM 7£% to 13% O FF TH E B A SIC P R IC E of most popular British cars and 7£% to 10% OFF touring caravans bought,through a Naafi introduction, from a dealer in the UK for UK or overseas use. S P EC IA L EXPORT DISCO UN T OF 15% O FF many Austin, Morris, Triumph and Rover cars bought through a Naafi introduction if you are being posted abroad from the UK or from one overseas country to another. FIR S T CLASS HPTERIVIS and low HP charges without strings such as annual subscriptions. D ELIV ER Y TO SU IT YOUR CO N VEN IEN CE—car to the airport when you arrive in the UK,to your home town or new station; your caravan to your home town in UK or to an overseas port. T H ESE ARE TH E W ORLD W ID E ADVAN TAGES OF USING NAAFI HP ? Entitlement to full dealer services retained ? Free personal insurance ? Insurance cover against three quarters of your liability to purchase tax and import duty on a car—subject to simple conditions—if prematurely repatriated from overseas ? Naafi provides deposit saving facilities to build up a deposit for a future purchase. Naafi will also finance the purchase of used cars in UK and Germany. S E E YO U R NAAFI M A N A G ER FO R F U LL D E T A ILS OR IN C A S E OF D IF F IC U LT Y C O M P LETE T H IS CO U PO N W ITH O U T O BLIG A TIO N . Car Sales Manager, Naafi, London SE11 Please send me details of Naafi up facilities w ithout obligation. I am interested in j W att country} Q New car for use in _ State model______________________ Q New touring caravan [^| Used car Q Deposit saving (to enable me to build up a deposit for a future purchase) Please tic k w h ichever applies A Name (block letters) Address (block letters) Say SKOL T h e International L - ^ \ - C x E P L WORKS WONDERS! ..... at home and overseas. SUPPLEMENT No. 1-PAGE TWO Printed in Great Britain
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