The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 915, March 1972

THE ASSOCIATION OF SERVICE NEWSPAPERS ADVERTISEMENT PAGES. 67/68 JERMYN STREET, ST. JAMES’S, S.W TEL..l. 01-9301108-9 Mr. Barber’s bargain offer for expatriate Englishmen. I f you’re being posted abroad, the Chancellor of the Exchequer would like you to leave Britain on the best of terms. So he is offering you a Ford car free of tax, tailor-made for almost any country in the world.(Onthesetermsa 13002-door Cortina, for example, would only cost you £775 instead of£ 63-)9 You can run it m this country for up to 6 months, and then we’ll arrange to ship it abroad for you. Once it’s there, one of our overseas dealers will look after it. The only real problem you might face is choosing which Fora to buy. The new Cortina, for example, incomes a variety of forms. There are 2-door and 4-door models, with engines ranging from 1300 C C to 2000 OHC, and there are 5 different levels of interior and.exterior appointment between the basic Cortina and the top-of-the-line Cortina GXL. There’s variety in the Escort family, too. Rally fans will prefer the 1600 G T Escort Mexico, which is the road version of the car that won the World Cup Rally. On the other hand, the Escort 1100 is one of the most reliable and economical family runabouts in its class. There are several versions of the Escort, as well as an Estate model. The elegant Capri has 5 different engine sizes, from 1300 C C to 3000 C C ,and the wide range of option-packs gives you, in all, a choice of 19 different models. If you prefer big cars, you have a choice of 1 1 different models from our luxurious Mark IV range. Whichever car you settle for, a Ford is one home comfort you can enjoy almost anywhere in the world. r Far further Information on the Ford Personal Export Scheme, contact your local Ford dealer. Or infill this coupon and send it to the Showroom Manager, Ford Personal Import Export Limited, 88 R eoentStreet, W IR 6A Telephone:R. 01-7347272 Escort ?Nam o___ Cortina ?Capri? Zephyr/Zodiac ?Address. L.S J S /172 i J 3/72 Printed in Great Britain SUPPLEMENT No. t-P AGE ONE
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