The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 915, March 1972

OBITUARY LT-COLONEL ALEC NORMAN SMITH Jimmy Cummins and I were privileged to attend the Memorial Service on Sunday, February 13, for our old comrade, onetime Sgt and Subaltern of B Coy in the nineteen-twenties and thirties, who reached the rank of Lt-Colonel in the 1939/45 War. The service was held in the beautiful old village church of Heyshott, near M idhurst, Sussex. The congregation was so large that many had to stand and was ample evidence of the high esteem and regard in which Alec was held by the community in which he had lived for the past 15/20 years. He was Churchwarden for a number of years and was three times Chairman o f the local council. These distinctions were certainly not sought by Alec who was avery shy man except in matters where his duty lay and where his many talents could be used for the benefit of others. The Vicar, in his beautifully simple and sincere address, referred to Alec's service in the London Scottish and his valuable contribution to local affairs, leaving one in no doubt of the great affection he inspired nor of the grievous loss his death represents to his family and a large circle of friends. As one who was privileged to serve with Alec and to enjoy his friendship, I realise that he had a quality that can be justly described as knightly virtue which was fortified with considerable erudition and scintillating wit.He had no enemies other than those o f his country. He was a good London Scot as were his father and grand­father. I am sure that everyone who knew him will join me in expressing our sincere sympathy with his wife, Rosemary, his son. Peregrine, and his daughter. Laura. d 6 u g sal m c arthur .ERIC JAMES RUTHERFORD LINDORES, MM It is with very great regret that we learn of the death on Hogmanay of Eric Lindores, aged 52, in a car crash. This will come as a tragic shock to 1st Bn 1939-45 Old Comrades and also to serving members, who will recall Eric being posted as CSM to the Regiment some 12 years ago. “Lindy ”joined the Regiment at Folkestone and served with D Coy at Knowlton. He was soon a L/Cpl and .then transferred to the Para Regiment 3rd Bn and 22 Irid Para Coy. winning the MM while with them. Later he served in the Gordon Highlanders 1st a n l 2nd Bns. From the outset his determination to abe soldier of the regular force was made quite clear to all who were in his tent at Knowlton and he fairly sparkled from tip to toe in turn-out. In later years he was to be equally well turnej-out as a CSM and made his presence felt at 59. We offer our sincere sympathy to his family in their great loss. “Lindy "will be remembered for a longtime. REGIMENTAL NOTICEBOARD LONDON SCOTTISH RIFLES LODGE OF INSTRUCTION No 2310 The Lodge of Instruction meets in the lecture room at 59 Buckingham Gate. SW1, on Tuesday evenings from October to May at 6.30 pm (until approximately 7.45 pm). There is no entrance fee and the subscription is 5p per attendance. A meal is available in the Canteen before the meeting. Particulars maybe obtained from Roy M cGregor, Linden Cottage. Blundel Lane, Stoke D'Abernon, Surrey, or from any Past Master of the Lodge. 1ST BN LONDON SCOTTISH 1914/18 REUNION To beheld on Saturday, May 20,1972. at 5.30 pm for 6.00 pm dinner. Chairman James McBoyle. CBE, DL. Ticket.' £1'25 each, obtainable from the following Coy representatives: A COY —A. W.M ainwood, 18 Dundee Avenue. Highlands Boulevard. Leigh-on-Sea. Essex. B COY —J. S. Stevens, 30 W arrington Road. Dagenham, Essex. RM8 3JH. C COY —N. MacKechnie. 2 Diasdale Gardens. New Barnet. Herts. D COY —A.S. Dolden, 49 Knighton Lane, Buckhurst Hill. Essex. HQ COY J.—R. Dobney, 14 Queensmore Court, Verdun Road, London, SW13. SGTS’ MESS DANCE Tile Sgts' Mess Dance will beheld on April 14 from 8.30 pm until 01.30 am. Tickets are available at £1-50 each from Sgt Ian M cGregor, Mess Secretary. GRANVILLE C.L E SUE <**Jock ”)This Old Comrade died on February 4 inSt Jam es's Hospital, aged 80. Harry MacKenzie, who knew him well, tells us that it happened after a fall. He lived alone, never having married. He joined the Scottish in 1912, serving until the end o f the First War. “Jock "was a contemporary of “Curly "Turner, G .N. Smith and George Morrison. He had two TA Efficiency Medals. He joined the Surrey Yeomanry in 1923 and served through the Second War. “Jock's "father was Colonel Sir G .Leslie, KCIE, of the Indian Army and “Jock ”was educated at Westminster School. He never lost touch with the Regiment and was always pleased when Harry brought him along to 59. Until his retirement he was with the War Office. Our sympathy goes to his relatives and friends. ALEC NORMAN SMITH We learn with regret from his brother-in-law. A.G. Friend, of the death of this Old Comrade, agej 66, on February 8 last. He joined B Coy in 1926 and was commissioned prior to the outbreak of war, serving through­out, joining the “Recce ”Corps and being inN Africa, Sicily and Italy. He was Town Major o f Bologna. He also represented the Regiment in long distance swimming and cross country running, obviously being a man of stamina. Alec married, on September 9.1939, Rosemary Jean Saxton. To Mrs Smith and son and daughter, wc offer our deep sympathy. The Smith family were traditionally associated with the Regiment for many years. Alec's father. Norman William Smith, inborn 1881, joined B Coy in 1899, going to France on the“W inifredian "in September. 1914 and being seriously wounded inaction in the first great battle fouglv. by the Regiment. He was invalided back to the UK. unfit for further service. In latter years he dine I with the Winifredian Association until his death in 1955. Prior to that. Alec's grandfather, William Smith, also served in the Regiment and his father actually joined when the latter was serving. For many years the Smith family were associated with R ildcll. Smith and DufTus, who printed the GAZETTE, a generation parallel incidentally with the present Printer's family, ie. grandfather, father an.l son. MALCOLM I. GORDON STEWART We regret to learn of the death of this Old Comrade on January 24, who served with the Regiment in the 3rd Bn which he joined early in 1939. He attended Regimental Reunions in recent years. He had been in poor health for some months. We offer our condolences to Mrs Gordon Stewart and son Andrew in their bereavement. PERCY PATTERSON This Old Comrade, aged 86. and Chairman of W orthing Rural Council and of Ferring Parish Council, of 39 Ocean Drive. Ferring, W orthing, Sussex, died on January 31. He served with the Regiment in 1914-18 and the funeral service took place at theW orthing Crematorium on February 7. THE PIPES AND DRUMS ANNUAL SUPPER The above will beheld in the Regimental Canteen on Thursday. April 27. at 7 for 7.30 pm. A restricted number of guests will be allowed and members are requested to advise the Pipe-M ajor before issuing their invitations. Tickets at £1-00 each maybe purchased from the Regi­mental Pipe-Major or Canteen Steward. So that catering arrangements run smoothly, all those wishing to attend must inform the Regimental Pipe-Major by Thursday, April 20. the attendance list will be closed on that date. ______________________ 1ST BN 1939-45 ASSOCIATION Hie Annual Dinner will beheld on Friday. April 21,1972 at 59 Buckingham Gate. Details later, blit book the d atj NOW! THE LONDON SCOTTISH REGIMENT WAR MEMORIAL The Annual General Meeting will beheld at 59 Buckingham Gate. London. SW1. on Thursday. March 23.1972. at 5 pm for the purpose of receiving t’le Report ant Accounts for 1971. electing Officers nnd Committee, appointing Auditor and transacting any other business of an Annual General Meeting. E.A. K. MORGAN. THE LONDON SCOTTISH REGIMENT BENEVOLENT FUND The Annual General Meeting will beheld at 59 Buckingham Gate. London. SW I,on Thursday, March 23,1972, at 6.15 pm for the purpose of receiving the Report and Accounts for 1971. electing Officers and Committee, appointing Auditor and transacting any other business of an Annual General Meeting. A.W. RYLANDS. Hon Sec. Page 51
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