The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 915, March 1972

CONTENTS Page FRONTISPIECE —Sgt Peter Lord and potential recruit. LEADER —Recruitment 35 SERVING UN ACTIVITIES —Anti-tank Platoon 36 Cadet Company 36 EDITORIAL —37 OLD COMRADES NEWS —Glasgow Branch 40 Worthing Branch 41 FEATURES— Children's Parly 42 Personal Diary 44 Fifty Years Ago 44 Wot? No Black Bear! 45 Regimental Library 46 Bisley ClubHouse 47 L.odge of Instruction Supper 48 PoW Story 49 W. N. Hendry's Experiences 50 CORRESPONDENCE —48 OBITUARY —51 REGIMENTAL NOTICEBOARD— 51 NO 12 PLATOON, 1915 N o 12 Pin taken Hat urionville, near Lilliers, in February, 1915. The Bn had outcome on a month’s rest after the heavy fighting and miserable trench conditions, at G ivenchy and C uinchy from December 22,1914 to January 29.1915. The Bn was very weak in numbers at this period. The group shows 20 N C O 'sand men. There are 10 W inifredians and November 10,1914, draft men. The names areas follows, from left to right: back row: Goepel, Canney, Brown, “Gin ger” Mackenzie, Straclian, Aston, Charlie Pinkerton, Kinnear. middle r ow:L /Cpl Cooper, CpI Harry Wright, Sgt Charlie Bryden, L /Cpl George Wilson, Pick Pratley, Milne, promt row :Alan M oodie, Gordon Fowler, Jock Spencer, Troy and Malcolm Drysdate. The house behind the group was a billet for some o f us and belonged to a family called Bernard. Their young daughter can be seen peeping over the shoulder o f the left hand man in the back row. [The photograph above was sent to us by Gordon (O'.H. A .)Fowler, N o 1673, F Coy. U nfortm uuely the print is far from clear but we hope that the caption will bring back memories to our readers.— E .]Paged 34
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