The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 913, January 1972

THE LONDON SCOTTISH Honorary Colonel H.M. Queen E liz a beth The Queen Mother Regimental Colonel Colon elF. G .Max well, CBE, TD, DL THE 5IST HIGHLAND VOLUNTEERS Commanding “G” (London Scottish) Company Major John Clem enc e LONDON SCOTTISH REGIMENTAL CADRE Cadre Commander Major W .B. Camp b e l l,TD Chairman of Old Comrades Association Major T. R.S. Lyon, TD Hon Secretary K.W Mean, B HonE Treasurer (Temporary) A.W. Grit ton Editor of the Gazette C amer o nA.M cI n tyre Assistant Editors L tN. Rut her for d-Y o gnu Sgt Lionel Smith Hon Curator of Regimental Museum Jack O .Rob son Assistant Curator Ian B u l pin, MBE Hon Regimental Librarian P. Douglas N ie kirk, BEM Regimental Secretary Mrs W.Ry lands Published at Headquarters 59 Buckingham Gate, London, SlVi. Tel No: 01-8280234. No 913 —Volume LXXVII January, 1972 FRONT COVER Colonel Harry Wilson, OBE, taking March Past on Remembrance Sunday. The London Scottish Regimental Gazette LEADER RECRUITING DISPLAY THE SERVING COY NEEDS RECRUITS A L Lt& AVR units in London, including the Scottish, are staging a military display on the lines of the Royal Tournament, to take place at the Duke of York’s Head­quarters on Sunday, April 16,1972. The idea is for each unit to take as its guests as many potential recruits as possible. We have been allocated 200 tickets. The more we can get thereto come and see us, the better chance we have of getting the men we want. This is where you can help —Serving Members and Old Comrades alike. We are looking for young men between the ages of 17 and 30: aDo you know any young men you could bring along on April 16? b Can you suggest a likely place where the Scottish could contact them (a local factory, office, club, pub, school, Cadet Unit, etc)? c Even if you cannot yourself help, can you suggest anybody who might ado orb? If you can, please write to HQ to: 2nd A.Lt Renton-Green, 59 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1. and head your letter r ecru i tin g.It really is vital to the London Scottish that we do well at this display, and that depends on getting people thereto see us. And that depends on YOU !F. G. Max well ,Regimental Colonel. Page 3
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