The London Scottish Regimental Gazette, No. 913, January 1972

THE ASSOCIATION OF SERVICE NEWSPAPERS ADVERTJSEMENT PAGES, 67/68 JERMYN STREET, ST. JAMES’S, S .W .l. TEL. 01-930 1108-9 WHO ARE\ REYNOLDS ? The Ford Dealer most qualified to cope with the requirements of service personnel both at home & overseas. * GENEROUS DISCOUNTS You w ill be suprised! * QUICK DELIVERY Our premises are next to the Ford factory. * H.P. ARRANGED IF REQUIRED Subject to acceptance. We have made a special study of service require­ ments and guarantee personal service and detailed consideration. Service personnel posted abroad can purchase free of purchase tax and use it for 6 months prior to export. Name I am interested in'J.I I I ¦ Address ........................................................................ Post to : REYNOLDS MOTORS LTD., FORD HOUSE, NEW ROAD, DAG ENHAM , ESSEX. HOUSE, NEW ROAD, DAG ENHAM , ESSEX I ’ I I J [NATIONAL! SAVINGS H.M. FORCES SAVINGS General Sir Geoffrey Musson, Chairman, H.M. Forces Savings Committee, said recently:— "What better foundation for the serviceman’s savings could there be than National Savings? His money is absolutely safe—of course—and he can withdraw it, at need, virtually on demand.” National Savings Securities. Here they are:— National Savings Bank Ordinary Accounts (if open on 31 st December 1971) pay 3 \ % interest per annum. First £21 of interest free of U.K. income tax. Investment Accounts pay % interest (liable to income tax). National Savings Certificates Decimal Issue. 5J% tax-free interest. £1 becomes £1-25 in four short years. Save As You Earn Officers and soldiers may now authorise direct deductions from service pay to SAYF.. Generous tax-free bonuses. Premium Savings Bonds Big cash prizes. You may win £50,000! British Savings Bonds Ideal for mess funds. A sk your Unit Savings Officer for further details or write to:— The Secretary, H .M . Forces Savings Com m ittee, Block B, Government Buildings, London Road, Stan more. M iddlesex, H A 7 4PX. WORKS WONDERS! ..... at home and overseas, SUPPLEMENT No. 1-PAGE TWO Printed in Great Britain
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