The Mid Pacific News, Final Edition

QUEEN’ AND DUKE VISIT JAMBOREE BRITAIN LEADS FRANCE IN ATHLETICS MATCH Tribal drums boat ot a welcome for the Q uc- cn and the Duke of Edinburgh when they visited thousands of Boy Scouts from more than eight/ countries at the Janiborcc at Sutton Park in Warwickshire. The Jamboree celebrates the Golden Jubilee of the Scout Movement and the centenary of the birth of its Founder Lord Laden -Powell. Driving in an open Land Rover through a city of tents, the Queen and the Duke stopped time and again to talk with hun­dreds of scouts who gathered round them. -Almost everywhere,they were met with an unbroken line of cameras. Smiling and laughing,the royal couple saw Persian folic dances, a traditional dance from New Zealand,and they listened to a Jamaican calypso band. HIGH-SPEED CAMERAS RECORD NUCLEAR TESTS A super high-speed camera is revealing the innerrnost secrets of our latest weapons* To get a complete picture history of a nuclear explosion, photo­graphs have been taken at the rate of 10,000,000 a second. This represents the extreme in investigation, says Mr T 7 D Chesterman of the Nay7 - 1 s Underwater Detection Establishment in a paper on high-speed photography in naval research At the Admiralty research laboratory, high-speed cameras operating at about 2.000 lectures a second have been used for years to record, the performance of scalc model projectiles. WALKING ON AIR ion airline has calculated that an air hostess can walk: up to ten miles on a 3.000 mile trans-Atlantic flight as she serves meals to passengers*Other errands all add to the daily mileage. NOTICE Although this paper ceases publication today, the cricket scores and headlines will continue to be issued. YESTERDAY*S WEATHER Maximum temperature (shade) 88 degrees Minimum temperature (night) 75 degrees Humidity :maximum minimum 6$$ Maximum surface wind speed :10 knots Minimum surface wind s'ceed : 5 knots The Yorkshire runner, Derek Ibbotson,who recently setup a world record for the mile, today won the three mile event on the first day of a two-day match between Great Britain and Prance at the White City. It was not a record-breaking day for Ibbotson, however in fact, his time of 13 minutes 50*2 seconds was 13*8 seconds behind the British record setup by Gordon Pirie back an 1953* Two yards behind in second place was his team­mate, Laurie Read, with a Frenchman in third place. Ibbotson took the lead just after the half-mile mark. He held onto it until the last lap, and seemed to be content to jog along without any serious attempt to increase the pace*Just after the bell for the last lap,Read sprinted ahead,but Ibbotson caught him on the last straight and held him off to win* Ibbotson1 times was also 3^ seconds outside the world record,and nearly 30 seconds outside the British All-comers record he setup at the White City three weeks ago in the AAA championships* The mile was a complete triumph for French runners,Gardini and Michel talcing :first and second places* The home runners Ter is ford and Everett, were third and fourth* The winning time was a compara­tively slow 4- rains 6.7 secs* The only British record, setup today was in the javelin event* Jolin Smith of Thames Valley Harriers won the event with a throw of 238 feet 3 inches to beat Peter Guilin* records by 1 foot 8 inches. Smith*s throw is also a British Empire record. At the end of today1 s events. Great Britain led France by 62 points to 55 In the men's events and by 34 to 17 in the women’ s. BRITISH ATHLETES DO WELL AT GLASGOW British athletes were also well to the fore at the Glasgow Rangers Sports at Tbrox Park. Another Yorkshire runner, Ken Wood, won the mile ink- mins 3*9 secs,with Alan Gordon of Scotland second, and Peter Clark of the RAF third. The 88- yards was won by Mike Farr el in 1 min 49*2 secs to equal the Scottish All-comers record* Brian liewson and Derek Johnson were second and third,both r<?j *w&:4-Vfc A v ai'm to£~~——
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