The Mid Pacific News, Final Edition

The I'id-Pacific News was -first published on the 1 st August 1956* The circulation then and for the first month was 286 co-pies daily. This rose to per day- after the arrival of the ’''Cheshire" in September.Gradually the circulation rose to reach 5^0 copies daily for the first edition of 1957- It continued to rise until it reached. 820,the : < lar:-efct -daily issue in early May# On Wednesday, the 15th May 1957 j over 2,000 copies announcing the successful com­pletion of'the first test were printed. As a point of interest,the Mid-Pacific News was the only paper in the- world to carry this story with a 15th May dateline. There was such a demand for this isnue that it was necessary to' produce 750 copies of a special souvenir edition. In all 298 editions of the paper have been published,comprising 162,332 copies -his has involved turning the handles of the duplicators,as near as*can be caLcu!~ ated, 348,000 times, and the use of nearly four tons of paper*- Qpenin ni^ht for the Garrison Library, 1 st Au^just 1956, saw four members enrol­led and five books issued, .This was not to last. The library at that time was situated on the sit.e .'of the ent power station,in a rather gloomy marquee not at all attractive.However membership built up slowly, and in September the libraryvwas moved to its present position. Shortly afterwards the library tent was enlarged and a Reading Room added -an addition v/iiich proved extremely popular. With the cooperation of the electricians the ’building.1 was well lighted and made •:uite comfortable with floor coverings, easy chairs and a plentiful supply of magazines wiiich were, new, if somewhat dated. Over 1,200 persons have- made use of the library.The maximum membership at anyone time'was about 700, and the number of books issued fron 1 st August ’56 to 1 st Auust '57 reached the phenomenal figure of 22,600, The library stock is 3*°00u I 11 early January a Mobile Library- a Lrndrover fitted with shelves- be/jan calling at various points in the Port Camp* Since then it has visited the Port every Thursday,travelled over- 600 miles, issued 1,000 books and enjoyed a maximum membership of 65. Another committment of the Library service v/as* to provide quantities of books for Malden -Island, Penrhyn Island, Tarvis Island, and for several ships •The library closes down on Au ust 10th and it is felt that it has more than,just PROGRAMS FOR: THE MONTH AT THE KAMAK SAN Sunday 4th and Monday 5th Richa.rd Attenborough end Jill Adams in "BROTHERS IN LAW" Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th August Frankie Lainc and Lucy Marlow "HE LAUGHED LAST" Thursday 8th August Pe- y Mount and Shirley Eat^n in "SAILOR BEWARE" Friday 9th end Saturday 10th August Glen Ford and Jeanne Crain in "THE FASTEST GUN ALIVE" Sundc y 11 th and Monday 12th Aurust Pier Angeli and Phil Carey in "PORT AFRIPUE" Tuesday 13th ahd Wednesday 14th August iuiita Ekberg end Robert Ryan in "BACK FROM ETERNITY" Thursady 15th August No man Wisdom and Maureen Swanson In "UP IN THE WORLD" Friday 16th and Saturday 17th August "CANYON PASSAGE" '"Cast Not Imown PROGRAMS FOR THE MONTH -BLUE LAGOON Sunday 4th "BETWEKI HEAVEN AND HELL" Monday 5th "THE G U I\T RUMER" Tuesday 6th "ATTACK" Wednesday 7th "LOST" Thursday 8th No performance Friday 9th "BROTHERS IN LAW" Saturday 10th f 'IR0N PETTICOAT" Sunday 1 1th "HE LAUGHED LAST" Monday 12th' "THE FASTEST GUN ALIVE" Tuesday 13th "SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME" Wednesday 14th "CANYON PASSAGE" Thursday 15th No performance Friday 16 th "BACK FROM ETERNITY" Saturday 17th "PORT AFRIOUE" Last Performance. .:DOWN
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