The Mid Pacific News, Final Edition

B IA iV E REQUESTS AID PROM BANDUNG- lATIONS ussr condemns western pol ic yon germant The Soviet government has said that the Western policy on Germany could lead to a civil war there. The statement was putout in the reply to a recent declaration by the Western poorers ¦in which they offered to discuss German reunification and European security with the Soviet Union whenever there was a reasonable prospect of progress. The fundamental principle, however, was that the German pcojjle must have the right to decide their own future. The Soviet statement describes the "Western declaraticn as a move to win support for Dr Adenauer in next month's Y/est German elections, and it says that any attempt to unite East Germany with the militaristic West Germany is not only unrealistic,but also fraught with the danger of civil war. The Soviet statement calls the<,n Western powers to-revise their policy on Germany i- only in the interests of their own security. CHINESE CATHOLIC MEETING PIN E K INC '-In China, the official Co:aaunist news agency has announced the formation of what it calls the ,!Patrictic Association of Chinese Catholics'', It says that 2L0 Catholics,meeting in Pekin,have decided the future attitude towards the Vatican of the two million Catholic churchmen and laity of China. They will, says the agency,obey the "atican in all religious blatters, but will not accept any orders favouring imperialism or trying to set them against the state. From the Vatican, an 'authoritative source, quoted by Reuter, said that the Peking announcement seamed to indicate a shift from Eastern Europe to China of the main attack against the Catholic Church Ito was another step by the Communists to the creation of national Catholic Churches to bring religion The Cairo representative of the Imam of Oman,the leader of the rebels, has asked the Afro -Asian states for help infighting the British. The representative said that he would file a formal protest with the Cairo representatives of the Bandung Conference countries, including India and Ceylon., Pie described the British intervention in the -small desert war as "savage aggression upon the civilian population of Oman''5, The Imam1 requests asks the Bandung nations to make efforts to halt the flagrant and repeated attacks against the freedom and indepen­dence of Oman. Muscat oRe el s Sur r o i anded The Adviser on Foreign Affairs to the Sultan, of Oman said that the strength of the rebels in central Omanis about 1500 in all, of whom only 600 are fighting men. Correspondents say that the rebels now appear to be surrounded and cutoff from military supplies, and almost denuded of motor transport. The Royal Air Force lias dropped more leaflets calling for people not to move during the daytime.Local sheiks are reported to be sending their sons and village headmen to Muscat with letters renewing their declarations of loyalty to the Sultan. C0Itf£GM3AI£H i«T -IA )TO S MINISTERS I-TO I TEE Commonwealth finance ministers are to meet in Canada next month. The Canadian Prime Minister,Mr Dieferibaker, announced that the Commonwealth countries had agreed to the proposal he had made for such a meeting at the Conference of Commonwealth Prime ministers in London, The finance ministers will meet in Quebec on the 23th September. Their discussicn? will last four days, and one of the subjects for1 discussion mil be Canada's proposal for a Commonwealth trade and economic conference rext year. FORiVEGIAl'I YOUTH PROTESTS TO -lA K RAD Norwegian youth organisations have appealed to the Kardar government in Hungary to stop the wave of arrests and executions. The organisations say that the only crime of those arrested was to demand-rights which Hungary had recog­ nised by signing the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights, and they asked youth organisations in other countries to support the demand for an end to the excesses of the Kardar regime A '-C py of the appeal has been sent to
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