The Mid Pacific News, Final Edition

MID-PACIFIC NEWS Christmas Island ,Issue Number 298 Saturday jrd Aug ’57 IN PASSING___ This is the last edition of the Mid- Pacific News printed lr- the present staff. Whether the title will ever be revived is not known. It is hoped that the aims expressed in the editorial of the first edition, that of providing accurate coverage as full as possible of all types of news, has been ildfilled to your satisfaction* The difficulties of radio ^interference,, both local and international, have at times been insurmountable,but a glance through the files reveals that only on three occasions has news been missed, and this unfortunately the sports news. Many events of world importance have been recorded on the pages of this paper,the Suez expropriation, the Suez landings,the Olympic Games, the change of Prime Ministers in Britain and the first British hydrogen bomb test to name a few. Although the highlight of the paper1 existences was the rci)orting of the first test, the most hectic time for the staff was without doubt the Suez landings last year. News changed hourly and the demand became insatiable. To pass news quickly,mid-day headlines were distributed, and a headline board placed outside the office. The latter precipitated a constant stream of transport past the office which disseminated news at a fantastic speed. Thanks crust be expressed to the Meteorological Service for providing the weather information and to a host of others for their assistance and cooperation* U.N CRITICISES SOUTH AFRICAN MANDATE The United Nations Com -•it tee on South-West Africa lias criticised South Africa’s administration of the territory* It deplores what it calls the deliberate subordination and relegation of the vast majority of the population to an inferior said that the indigenous African population is being sub­jected to increasing political, social and economic pressure, end restrictions on the freedom of movement arc incomplete disregard of the principles and the purposes of the Mandate and of the Declaration of Human fRights* a PERSONAL NOTE BY t Group Captain R*h,C, jjroussoa 0.1333 *.Senior Officer Grapple Area I This edition of the Mid-Pacific News j is the last full copy to •be issued |before the editorial staff leave Christmas Island on the first troop­ship. In the twelvemonths during which this newsheet has appeared, it has become a major item in our daily routine, being our one sure contact j with home and the outside world, The continued high quality and i versatility of the nev/s presented, ¦reflects great credit on the editorial staff, and I am pleased to take this j opportunity of thanking them on behalf I of us all for doing such a difficult j job so well* SOVIET UNION TO ASKEE TO INSPECTION ?Mr Dulles has said that, if the Soviet Union has nothing to conceal, it will accept the Western plan for air inspect­ion and ground control which has been submitted to the United Nations disarm­ament sub-committee in London. The American Secretary of State was speaking in a television interview before return­ing home* He said the Western proposals provided for inspection from the air and on the ground of avast part of the globe,including all of North America, the north of -Mexico, all of Europe and all of the Soviet Union* Inspection of such abroad area, he .said, would greatly diminish the danger of war because there could be no surprise attack There were indications, he said,that the Soviet Union was prepared to give serious consideration to the Western proposals* If the Soviet government did not wish togo so far st once, an alter­native plan had been prepared, providing for a smaller zone of inspection which might perhaps be e:ctended later on* Mr Dulles said that concentration on inspection to guard against surprise attack did, not mean that the West had given up hope of disarmament, but, he added, ’’you cannot disarm people who think they are going to be attacked. If they think they are not going to be attacked, they arc much more ready to nonsidnr disarma-rimt -orouosals* ”
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