Daily Mail December 29th 1944

CH»* is Stand? ordoris tlie M SupHm* A X IM U M PRICES per b -.to le 253 ,half bottle 13/ Gt. 3 Britain and. N. Ireland, NO. EDITION A.M. oniv 15,180 ONE FOR PENNY KING AND FR MPIRE AID Y ,DECEMBER 29, PATTON’S Bluemefe 1944 3r d ARMY STRIKES ‘BULGE AT ’FROM SOUTH Spearheads OverBastogne Withdrawn, Say the ^*EN Germans ERAL PATTON’S American Third Army is striking northwards against the southern flank of Rundstedt’s big bulge in Belgium, it was officially announced last night. His tanks raced to meet the Germans as they fanned CK out YT RAIN troop-carrier planes dropping food and ammunition by chute*'to para­ the besieged, de­fenders of towards Bastogne. the citjr of Rundstedt’ Luxemburg. south-westwards drive was halted, and Patton advanced 16 miles in six days to relieve Last Bastogne. night his troops were reported to have captured Echternach, the southern hinge of the bulge, taking 1,200 prisoners in 24 hours, and inflicting double that number of The casualties. enemy counter-attacked the ’Bastogne relief corridor, but it has now been widened to three miles and is firmly Rundstedt’s' held. troops are under attack at many points. A strong German -tank spearhead has been encircled and wiped out near the Meuse between Celles and Rochefort. Over 1,000 prisoners were American taken. troops have fought their way into Humain, at the western end of the bulge, and have captured Manhay and Grandmenil, along its northern They flank. are thus astride the two most important lateral roads running through the bulge—at Bastogne, in the south, and Manhay, in the The north. German News Agency announced last night that Rundstedt's spearheads had been taken back “according to plan both on the southern flank and in the west to meet the American counter-attacks in compact The strength.” agency also said that the Allied High Command had concentrated 24 tank divisions and heavily armed shock formations in the Ardennes, including the 51st British (Highland) Division, which had gone into the line east of A Dinant. staff officer of the American First Army estimated that Rundstedt has lost the equivalent of two panzer divisions, or about 400 tanks, in ground actions. Another 415 enemy tanks have been destroyed from the We air. Are Chopping Third Up Army Switched from Bastogne Saar General Flew in from fcA #U.S. ITH IN a few hours oft f the decision to throw the Third U.S. Army against the southern flank of the German counter-offensive General Patton had drawn up a tentative plan of battle, it was disclosed last He night. rapidly switched some of his crack armoured and infantry units— veterans of the cross- France dash and the battle of Metz— from behind the Saar front to attack the Germans as they spilled across Northern Luxem­burg and Rundstedt’s Belgium. southern flank is now under heavy attack, with General Patton directing operations from an advanced The, headquarters. Third Army’s new offensive necessitated some adjustments to the lintftield in the Saar Basin, but General Patton’s command has been increased both infighting strength and territorial More area. than 800 Dakota trans­ports and 50 gliders kept ,the Americans infighting encircled For Bastogne. four days they flew supplies into this vital road junction which von Rundstedt needed so Major-General badly. Maxwell Taylo.r flew the Atlantic and Premier Greek CIRCLING SKYTRAINS slipped No Backs ‘Portals' From HUNDREDS U.S. of skytrains dropped supplies to Bastogne during the seven-days siege. Part of a forma­tion of 200 is seen above. By holding out until relieved the defenders deprived Rundstedt of a road centre rital for the develop­ment of his MOSQUITOES offensive. FIRE GERMAN A SHIP strike force of "ship- busting-’ .’Coastal Command Mosquitoes, with an escort of Mustangs, left a medium-sized merchantman listing bad'y and on fire In Skudesneshavn bour, har­ on the south-west coast of Norway, JAPS yesterday. QUIET ON MatArthur’s MINDORO H.Q., PfcfflvJ- iw es, Thursday.—- forces American are consolidating their gains on Mindoro, said night’s to­ ootrsmm'r-’J C .Ho Jap ground or a>r activity. Wap. »ing-up continues o i Leyte, whcrfi another 512 Ja-jsanesa were Wiled.-— 4 Reuter.
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