The Midnight Watch, October 1943

INDING EACH ISSUE I 1 *•No. 13 MID NIGHT OCTOBER 1943 WATCH BROADSHEET OF BRITAIN’S FIREGUARD AMD CIVIL DEFENCE WORKERS FIREGUARD DUTIES UNDER NEW ORDERS Combining Efficiency With Economy of Strength READY FOR EVERY RISK ______________ • ^pH E new FireGuard Orders have come into force. They represent the means designed to achieve two purposes. The first is to produce the highest state of efficiency capable of meeting the heaviest incendiary attack the Luftwaffe can bring against us. The second (and only slightly less important) is to make the system so adaptable and elastic that while every part of the country shall have the necessary fireguard strength to meet its fire risk, fire-guarding for fire-guarding’s sake, as it has been called, shall be avoided, and the public saved unnecessary strain wherever possible. Mr. Herbert Morrison, Home Secretary and Minister of Home Security, described the position thus in his statement when the new Orders were made public :—“The risk we have to meet is greater in some places than in some others,” he said. “The new Orders have been so drafted as to take account of that. There can be relaxations where the authority concerned decides that the risk is small, although such relaxation must be cancelled if and when risk increases. We shall try to strike the right balance between the risk that exists for the time being and the protection that is required to meet it. The guiding principle is that everywhere there must bean efficient organisation, adequate, but not more than adequate, to the risk in that particular place.” SINGLE CODE I SECTORS AND AREAS H PH E new FireGuard Orders are :—The FireGuard (Business and Govern­ment Premises) Order, 1943. The FireGuard (Local Authority Services) Order, 1943. The FireGuard (Mcdical and Hardship Exemptions) Order, 1943. They have been made under the Defence (FireGuard) Regulations, 1943, together with which they form a single code, replacing the previous Regulations and Orders. T TNDER the Local Authority Services Order, FireGuards’ duties are or­ ganised and co-ordinated, Local Authority areas being sub-divided into Sectors, Street Fire Party Areas and Blocks for operational and reinforcement purposes. Further, the new FireGuard Plan (reported insubstantially Midnight Watch No. 14, but now improv­ed and tightened up in some respects) will be put into operation where the Regional Commissioners direct. _ Quiz Questions fourth Fire The answers This •is thfe Guard Quiz* are overleaf. 1. (a) What is a Sector Point (b) How is it indicated ?2. What is the maximum area of a Sector ?3. IS a Sector includes an N.F.S. Station, where should the Sector Point be sited ?4. When under thR FireGuard Plan does the FireGuard start being responsible for summoning N.F.S. assistance ?5. What action should betaken by members of a Street Fire Party when the whistle signal is giv ?n ?6. (a) Where do reinforcing parties report ?(b) To whom dot ley report ?7. If a FireGuard returns with an N.F.S. appliance, what are his duties ?8. Describe the of a tally. 9. How does th» Business Premises party leader obtain reinforcements ?10. What are the chief factors governing the operational ranire of a wheelbarrow pump ?11. Where should a wheelbarrow pump be hQused ?SPECIAL VIGILANCE NOW!“ I think the country owes a deep debt of gratitude to the FireGuard. There is not the slightest doubt that they have done a mag­nificent job, especially in coastal places and places not far from the coast.“ I am confident that now, when we are entering a phase of the war that calls for special vigilance, the FireGuard will tontinue worthy of own record, and seethe job MODEL DIAGRAM FOR The Importance SECTOR Uniformity in Conventional Signs This example of a Sector Diagram has been drawn by an officer of the N.F.S. from the model Tactical Table for Firemen which was shown in No. 16 of the Midnight Watch. It will be of assistance, it is hoped, to those who are responsible for preparing the diagram of their own Sector. It is not possible to reproduce all the colours and shading, but points at which they differ from those in the original are noted in the Key printed below. It is intended that the Conventional Signs in this diagram, which have been approved by the Ministry of Home Security, shall be used in all FireGuard Sectors. General uniformity in this is a matter of high importance. c /V o 0 *SCALE OF FEET 140 PinS CAR i S P l(M ANS CROWN W O U K*'//r) HOPES t />TH OpP S<}N ESTATE I _________________________ Ti .tv- * «lil
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