The London Gazette, March 11th 1948 (Second Supplement)

Humb. FINAL REVISE SECOND SUPPLEMENT TO The London Gazette Of FRIDAY, the $th of MARCH, 1948 published b y ftufyotitp Registered as a newspaper THURSDAY, n MARCH, 1948 AIR OPERATIONS IN BURMA and BAY OF BENGAL, JANUARY i TOts MAY 2 2 IND, 942 .General Headquarters, India, New Delhi, India, 28th September, 1942. From :General Sir Archibald P. Wavell, G .C.B .,C.M .G.,M A.C., .D.C .To: The Chiefs of Staff, London. I forward herewith two copies of a report by Air-Vice-Marshal D. F .Stevenson on Air operations in Burma and the Bay of Bengal from January (theist date on which Air- Vice-Marshal Stevenson assumed command) to May 22nd, 1942 (the date when the forces from Burma completed evacuation to India). Air-Vice-Marshal Stevenson’s report em­ phasises the remarkable work performed by a small air force in defence of Rangoon, and the difficulties which the Air Force, in common with the Army, suffered through lack of the necessary resources for the defence of Burma. I have already commented on these in my Despatch* of July ist, 1942, on the Burma operations and I have nothing further to add. In paragraphs 122 to 131 Air-Vice-Marshal Stevenson refers to certain telegrams addressed to A B D A Command to which he received no reply. From the records of A B D A Command it appears that both these telegrams were received with very considerable delay, and not until instructions had been received transferring Burma back from A B D A Command to the command of the C.-in-C. India. Also Air- Vice-Marshal Stevenson had included the pro­viso that “failing immediate instructions am putting this plan into action commencing *General W avell’s despatch appear.- as a supplement to the London Gazette of today B they time, therefore, that these telegrams were received command had passed from A B D A and Air-Vice-Marshal Stevenson had presumably already taken action. No reply was therefore necessary. Please pass one copy of this report to Air Ministry. P.A. W A V ELL, General. Despatch on Air Operations in Burma and the Bay of Bengal covering the period January ist to May 22nd, 1942, by Air Vice- Marshal D. F. STEVENSON, C .B.E D.S.O ., M.C. M R OPERATION SIN BURM A AND THE •BAY OF BEN GAL, SPRING ,1942.- Intro duct ion .1-,1. The following is a report on the air operations carried out by a small Allied Air Force (American Volunteer Group, Royal Air Force and Indian Air Force) against the Japanese Air Force in Burma and the Ba^-'-f Bengal and the subsequent movement of hfj .A.F.R and I.A .F .to India whence opera.tior^. against the Japanese continue. 2. In reading this Despatch the following chronological summary maybe of assistance: —1941- Dec. 9th— War declared by Japan. Dec. 23rd— Struggle for air superiority over Rangoon commenced. 1942. Jan. 18th— Mergui and Tavoy evacuated. Jan. 29th— Japanese thrust through Tcnasserim towards Rangoon commenced. Feb. 15th— Singapore fell.
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