Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War Series 4 No. 8

E. KEBLE CHATTERTON’S THRILLING SEA STORIES OF THE GREAT WAR Dewy 8 vo Illustrated 5/- net“ SEVERN’S” SAGA (6th Thousand)“ A story which is among the most adventurous episodes of the whole naval campaign. Contains some exciting passages of naval history.” —Scotsman. THE SEA RAIDERS (12th Thousand) “Tracing the career of every German raider that put to sea, with the exception of theE m den, Mr. Chatterton has compiled a fascinating record of blue-water adventure. Naval students will find it of great value.” —Daily Telegraph. GALLANT GENTLEMEN (16th Thousand) “Here,in these records of duels to death, of courage and cunning and the final rage of battle, there is the essential spirit of epic.” —Sunday Times. THE“ KONIGSBERG” ADVENTURE (9th Thousand) “Excels the most highly coloured adventures of filmland.” —Morning Post. “One of the most remarkable naval stories.” —Evening Standard. THE BIG BLOCKADE (9th Thousand) “Full o f thrilling stories o f the sea.” —Daily Mail. “An admirable tribute to an engrossing record.” —The Times. AMAZING ADVENTURE A TRUE NAVAL BIOGRAPHY (6th Thousand) “Am a zing Adventure is amazing in very truth. It bears out again and again what the Morning Post said of Godfrey Herbert, that ‘no man ever had such narrow escapes’ .”—Morning Post. SEAS OF ADVENTURES (7th Thousand) Naval operations in the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean.“ A breathless cpic.” —Illustrated London News. “Most thrilling.” —Birmingham Gazette. VALIANT SAILORMEN (6th Thousand) “Here are tales to stir the blood o f sailor and landlubber alike.” —Daily Telegraph. “Intensely interesting and exciting.” —Irish Independent. HURST AND BLACKETT THE TREASURE LIBRARY Attractively and tastefully produced, they are now- issued at a price within the reach of every reader. Strongly bound, with frontispiece and tw o-colour jacket Demy 8vo 5s. net each 1 THE LIFE OF CESARE BORGIA Rafael S a b a tin i 2 GREAT AFRICAN MYSTERIES Lawrence G .Green 5 TORQUEMADA and the Spanish Inquisition Rafael S a b a tin i 4 WHITE MAGIC J a s per Mask e l y n e 5 FROM HOBO TO CANNIBAL KING C. J. Thorn hill 6 MY BANDIT HOSTS Tin ko Pawl e y 7 I GUARDED KINGS Ex- teD e c t iv e -In spec tor raH Bold rust 8 QUEEN VICTORIA’S JOHN BROWNE. E .P.T dis all 9 LOST LONDON E x te-D e c t iv e -Serge ant B .Lee son (Further titles to follow) STANLEY PAUL BY THE JOURNALIST WHO HAS COVERED EVERY MAJOR WAR SINCE ipiS HESSELL TILTMAN’ S important new work NIGHTMARES MUST END Night mares Mus tEn dis not intended to abe history of the epoch-making years with which it deals. It is one man’s story of what transpired behind the scenes— in chancelleries, army headquarters, cities and trenches— whilst history was in the making, as glimpsed by a prominent British journalist who travelled more than 120,000 miles in four years, recording, for a great London newspaper, the gathering storm which has now broken on Europe. Just Cut. 12s. 6d. net JARROLPS •LONDON
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