Daily Herald May 2nd 1940

OAILY HERALD, May 2, 1940. CATARRH NOSES CLEAN OUT POISONOUS MUCUS. BANISH CATARRH, HAY FEVER. NOSTROLINE Nasal Remedy stops Catarrh. Instantly cleans out nose. Clears Head. Throat, Chest. Brings away the germ-laden mucus that is poisoning you. “ NOSTROLINE ” soothes soreness, Heals inflamma­ tion. Ends Catarrh, Hay Fever. Colds, Flu. Relieves Head Noises, Catarrhal-Deafness. ' TROLINE " and take nothin; Insist on “ NOS- else. 1/3 all Chemists. NOSTROLINE Free sample from “ NOSTROLINE,” H.95. Bristol. 8. SAVE YOUR ___ PAPER FOR $ RE-MAKING HAS YOUR NEWSAGENT GOT YOUR ORDER? N o . 7555 * * T H U R S D A Y , M A Y 2, 1940 -------------------------------------------------------- O N E P E N N Y 'No Playing With Soldiers’ Lives’ BEVIN GIVES CABINET A BLENT WARNING *‘ W E have no right to allow the lives of our soldiers and sailors to be played with,” declared Mr. Ernest Bevin at a great May Day meeting at Hanley, Staffordshire, last night. “ The time has come when there must be no mincing of words. “ It is no use disguising the fact,” said Mr. Bevin, “ that ever since this war broke out those who, like myself, have been constantly in touch with Government departments, are in­ tensely dissatisfied with the kind of obstruction, lack Qf drive, absence of imagination, and the kind of com­ placency which exists. “ Then there is a complete refusal to take into consideration the kind t>f foe we are meeting.” Old Champion Mr. Bevin likened this country to *tn old boxing champion who had tvon so many times, even when the fight had to go to the last round, that he now said to himself, “ Who is this young challenger? I can knock him out in my own time.” Then he woke up to find that he *vas in danger of being knocked out himself and of a new champion nrising. GERMAN MINE­ LAYER EXPLODES m i t , ¦ J & : F * < r v:j Hitler's Deputy, Rudolf Hess, Declares That "ITALY WILL NOT YET ENTER WAR ’ H IT L E R ’S deputy, Rudolf Hess, told a May Day demonstration at Essen yesterday that Italy would not yet come into the war. “ Italy,” he said, “ does not yet believe that the time has come to speak of the outstanding differences between her and the Western Powers. “ For the moment Germany is sufficient as the opponent of the Western democracies.” Mussolini himself yesterday assured the American A m ­ bassador, Mr. W. B. Phillips, that Italy did not intend to make any immediate change in her attitude. Mr. Phillips had received in­ structions from President Roose­ velt to ask for a reassurance that Italy was not about to enter the conflict. Sir Noel Charles, the British Minis­ ter, who is in charge of the Embassy while Ambassador Sir Percy Lorraine is on leave, also tried to see Mus­ solini yesterday. He was unsuccessful. GERMAN “GHOST” SHIPS IN DANUBE Y NUMBER of-G erm an armed patrol vessels, disguised as burges, have reached the lower waters of tbe.ifr»«a?I>e..^ Saw Ciano But he had a talk with Count Ciano, Foreign Minister, who is re­ ported to have given him an assur­ ance similar to the one given to Mr. Phillips. Count Ciano asked Sir Noel about Britain’s decision to order her ship­ ping to avoid the Mediterranean. p was mot mad Town Retaken In iM tiu'tt R aid M r. Chamberlain hopes to make a statement to-day about the fighting in Norway. This was the position on the main fronts late last night:— ' G erm an trocps were stated in Berlin to ¦ be m oving through Dom baas towards the Allied landing place of Andalsnes. The Norwegian news agency reported severe fighting in which, it said, the Germans were repulsed with heavy losses near Otta. There was still no confirmation in London of the German claim to have captured Dombaas, but the War Office admitted that “ our troops, after stubborn resistance in the face of strong enemy attacks, have withdrawn to prepared positions.” Any link the Germans may have forged between Oslo and Trondheim was regarded in London as being almost certainly very feeble. The Nazi lines of communication, it was pointed out, would be stretched out “ like a piece of elastic.” ROROS ¦ Phone messages to Roros confirmed that the I ¦ town had been recapturcd by the Norwegians. The Germans were also stated to have withdrawn from Tynset, 25 miles south. Stockholm m essages (quoted by British United Press) said that small Norwegian patrols crept into Roros during Tuesday n igh t, quietly taking up positions in back streets and alleys. T hey started to attack at 5 a.m., and took th e small G erm an force com p letely by surprise. C aptured G erm ans are reported to have stated that th ey w ere unable to hold th e tow n because o f shortage of supplies. * “ The area occupied by the Allied forces has I 'ln n v lr x . been extended and operations are continuing satisfactorily,” said the W ar Office communique.
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