Forget Me Not, April 7th 1917

II FORGET-ME-NOT. April 7,1917. FOR GOUGHS, COLDS AND BRONCHITIS There is nothing to equal Veno's. Mamma, Daddy, &Baby Cured. Mr?. M. Holt. 13, Cyprus Street, Stretford, near Mime lister, says :“The first of us to use W no’rt Lightning Cough Cure was xny htt&band. He jrot wet one day, end this cau***«i a nevcro cold and cough. AVe tried quite a Jot oi things without benefit. I twas a hard, inn-kin*/ cou^h, mu! it persisted for weeks. However, in the cud ho got W ho's, and actually after some throe doses ho felt better. Of course, he kept on with Veuo’s, and soon thero was no trace of the rough left. Since then we never think of using any­thing but Veno’s for coughs and colds. It has cured me of relaxed throat and cough, and I have also given it tom y baby when lie had cold whilo teething. It lias curcti us all, and is a splendid family medicine.*’ N vy> r Mrs. Holt. Yeno's Li'jhtniwj Cm*ah Cure Instantly Relieves a*td Speedily Cures: INFLUENZA. *4 I r i ASTHMA. HOARSENESS, |»All. BLOOD-SPITTING. I 12 a Lottie SAVE BRONCHITIS. LUNG TROUBLES. COUGHS &COLDS, NASAL CATARRH, WHOOPING COUGH. DIFFICULT BREATHING. Turner xizes. 1/3 ami 3/- Th* 3/- size is the most e^onomic/d. Of Ch'tnlxts and Mali rim Vendor* the w>rld occr, inr1ud\n*j Lemding Chrmitfs in Au*tmlia, Sew Zealand, Cuxalat Africa, and India. fn*i*l on having Venv'tt and refuse all substitutes.¦ ENG'S vw gItiiK e COUGH CURE WITHOUT PURE BLOOD HEALTH IS IMPOSSIBLE. CjSTUMES, TAILOR- BUII-T To your Ovfri Measures IN CLOTHS, TWEEDS, COVERTS, COATINGS, Etc., 40/- TO Time, Trouble& Travelling Expenses by Buying Direct from Us. We hurt a splendid assortment ofCOSTUHE, DRESS, nnd B I0U 8E FA EH ICS. Correct Fashion and Weilnlyed 0oo4». which we oSo: AT WAREHOUSE PRICES. Costume Fabrics !u Clctb*. Covert*. Tweeds, Cheviot*. Series. W inW ords. Coatings, etc In Ckotee Colmir- Ih k - 4 m ih ) Styhkb Mature*. trom 2 6 to 6 6 I«r raivi. Dress Materials mAIn a/nun, Scrpcs. Tweed*. Stuff*. A I *barr. Silks, Artificial Silka, I'opiins, el? lr»> n i 1/11 to 1/6 per yard. Lovely Blousings lIn 4 5 v<* ly Coloured and Printed Voile*, liclmmtf *.Co -v in r.T ic s.C nm jT S .!•Silky i'uplinfi. C r^jjes. Satin*. Taffeta*, Silks, etc from 6 1 *d. per yaitL PAT TERNS FREE .55 /-SILKY POPLIN BLOUSE III Coat Lined. Post puid. Catalogue Goods. Stylish Blouses in Prints, Voiles, Poplins, and Silky Coloured Fabrics, 2 6 to 5 6 each. Bodices, Chemises, CowUs. Corsets. Costumes, Curtains. Camisoles, Childien s Dresses, Collars, Handkerchiefs. Hose, Knickers, Lining*, Nightdresses, Over­alls, Pants, Pinafores. Quilis, Raincoats, Robes, Sheets, Skirts. Table Linen, Towels, and Underwear. Ask for Free Catalogue. PROPRIETOR. H. HARTLEY. 49 Hartley&Co. The Yorkshire Warehouse, F I4, Stanningley Road, Postage Gd. Pretty Hemstitched Collar, In Cream, hky Pink, Kern, V. Rose, Grey, Light Saxe, Saxe Brown, Rigger, Petunia, Navy Ian Black. Leeds) VETARZO BLOOD MEDICINE ]Never before was there anything like It. nor are its marvellous properties likely ever to cl> equalled in all cases of blood and skin diseases, from whatever cause arising. No sooner is it imbibed into the system than it permeates and penetrates to the minutest capillaries, overcoming and expelUng*blood poison and all taint of disease, removing rdl blotches, pimples, scurf, scurvy, scrofulous and glandular swellings, discolorations, roughness and unsightly patches, etc. Its effects are almost magical in the treatment of gout, rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, pain and swelling of the joints, eczema, had legs, wounds, sores, goitre or Derbyshire neck it improves the general health, and «ttiickly removes long-standing bronchitis, asthma, and hacking, straining, spasmodic cough, too often the precursor of consumption. VETARZO BRAIN &NERVE FOOD. Send P.O. 31- (crossed for security) for Trial Bottle of either remedy, to THE VETARZO REMEDIES CO., GOSPEL OAK, LONDON. Unprincipled vendors may try to sell you f omething else for extra profit—do not accept it, but insist on having VETARZO. The genuine has the words k * VETARZO REMEDIES *?on Government Stamp. Registered TradeMark. 4 4 VETARZO.” SOLD BY IEADING CASn CHEMISTS. IT IS DELIGHTFUL to feci that you are looking your best, wherever you may ?Le, and you have this satisfaction when you use TETLOW’S FACE POWDER IMPARTS A DEL IC ATE BLOOM TO THE COMPLEXION. SO PURE THAT IT WILL NOT HARM THE MOST DELICATE SKIN. In Five 7/nts- White, Cream, 1 ° L fink. FJesh and Brunette. P g 2 *Of Stores. Chemists &Perfumers everywhere. Wholesale Agent*: Henrv C . Qaelch « * Co.,4 A 5 Ludgate Sq, London. E-0. ~VAAyVWVA>l*wV>>V»^VWVVWVVVVVWVVVVV\SA/VWW v w v w w w v v v v w /’£Of! Who! vwwv 2 Splendid 3d. Novels Ths Heart of a Moorland Maid Daphne of the Island Now on Sale ASK FOR HORNER'S 3C -LIBRARY I BUY FALSE TEETH .Have you any? I will pay od. for oach tooth pinned on vulcanite* 2fl. oach on silver,*}s .each on gold, 8s. each on platinum. Cash imme­diately* Satisfaction guaranteed, or teeth returned promptly. Why keep artificial teeth that you do not wear? Don’t bo misled by higher advertised prices, but write for mv FREE BOOKLET, which explains wry clearly the value of any kind of artificial teetli. I also buy old gold and silver jewellery —broken or otherwise—for which I pay you full valt’O .Write for PRICE LIST, Kindly mention F o rcet-M k o-X t.E. LEWIS &CO., 29, London Street, Southport, Lancs- (Est. 1873.) Don’t Look Old! Keep Your Employment. LOCKYER ’S SULPHUR HAIR RESTORER DARKENS IN A FEW DAYS. Obtained everywhere. Free by post for i ‘ 9 from 2. BEDFORD LABORATORY LONDON. S K .Lovers of Good Fiction should make a point of getting a copy of the Red Magazine Everywhere 6d. FITS CURED ParH rn'ar* of F.iunnii Remedy poet fr<v?. fW yr-tr ?scorns h^ime treatment: 1.000 test ix&ttafali Jii on* yem r.-T M N C H S RF.MF.WgH. LT.> H7, South Fie^oiick Street, Dtililiu-
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