The Tank, Journal of the Royal Tank Regiment, April 1947 No. 336, Vol. 29

280 THE TANK I am atfare that “on paper ”the care of all graves is provided for, but, unfortunately, in practice it has been found on many occasions that our graves are overgrown with weeds and headstones not erected. I am. Sir, Yours sincerely, W. L. O’C ARR O LL, D.S.O., Brigadier (retired). “The Gardens,” Wareham, Dorset. February 21,1947. To the Editor, “The Tank ”Dear Sir, I look forward to receiving The Tank every month, as I have been a subscriber ever since the journal was started in 1919. As a matter of fact, in the first number you will find my photograph taken when“ D ”Battalion (4th) moved to Germany. I was originally with“E ”Battalion (5th) and therefore have avery great interest in the Corps. I like the journal very much, but agree with Brigadier Price that the old cover in the Regimental colours was much more attractive. Wishing the journal every success and with best wishes. Yours sincerely, C. MATH IESO N . 4 Green Lane, Purley, Surrey. February 26,1947. Births, Engagement &Marriages BIRTHS Hart l e y.—On March 2,1947, to Joan (nee Pout), wife of Ernest Hartley (ex-Captain, R.T.R.), of Hoe Bridge House, Old Woking, a daughter. Corn well.— On March 8, at Crowborough Cottage Hospital, to Peggie, wife of Major J. V. Cornwell (R.T.R.), Lulworth Camp, Dorset, and 1 Kelvinside, Crosby, a daughter. ENGAGEMENT a ’Co u rt— D o w ling .—The engagement is an­nounced between Lieut. David Aveling a’Court, 4th R .T.R .j only son of the late Lieut. Edward Aveling a’Court, R.G .A .,and Patricia Winifred, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Dowling, of RedhiU, Surrey. MARRIAGES D a i n e s—M add i son .—At Hull, on February 22, Sgt. G. Daines (R.T.R.), only son of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher, of Hull, to Evelyn, daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. A.R. Maddison, 41 Yewtrec Avenue, Sunderland. Col beck— H olde r.—On March 8,1947, quietly, in London, Capt. John Vivien Colbeck, 1st R .T.R., Camberley, to Dorothy Ray Holder, Chelsea. Obituary MAJOR GEORGE FRANK LIN Y U LE, O.B.E. It is with the deepest sorrow that one has just heard of the death of George Yule. George joined the Regiment in August, 1933, and served most of the time in the 2nd R .T.R. I first met him on the Western Desert in 1941, where he commanded a squadron and then became second-in-command. When the Regiment moved over to Burma with the 7th Armoured Brigade, George went with it. Soon after arrival he took command of the Regiment, which, in spite of his very young age, he held for over two and a half years. He was well under 30 when appointed to command. Later he went to the Staff College and then joined the headquarters of 21st Army Group, where he was liked by everyone he met. He was a bachelor and something of a recluse. He was far happier sitting in front of afire reading a book than attending a party at the club, but, in spite of this, he had many friends. He was devoted to dogs, particularly Alsatians. He enjoyed shooting and riding, but his chief joy wassailing nothing pleased him more than being alone in his sailing boat on a fine day. He was a great reader, particularly of biographies. In spite of his retiring nature, there was no one more charming or entertaining at a party. He was a perfect host. He took his profession very seriously and, as his record shows, was an able commander and staff officer. He was devoted to the Regiment and always did all in his power to promote its interest.
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