The Tank, Journal of the Royal Tank Regiment, April 1947 No. 336, Vol. 29

THE TANK Branches: ALDERSHOT DEEPCUT NEWARK SHRIVEN I TAM Branches: CAMBERLEY BOVINGTON CATTERICK CAMP LONDON 4 ,NEW BURLINGTON STREET, W.l MILITARY TAILORS AND OUTFITTERS The Royal Mar ines The Roy alArm o u red Corps The Royal Tank Corps The Royal Artillery The Royal Engineers The Royal Signals The Royal Scots The Que en’s Royal Regiment T h eKing ’sOwn Royal Regiment The Royal North umber land Fusiliers The Royal War wick shire Regiment The Kin g’s Regiment The Devon shire Regiment The Suffolk Regiment The Some r set L ig h tIn fan try The East York shire Regiment The Bed ford shire &Her t ford shire Regiment The L ice ester shire Regiment By Appointment to The G lou c ester shire Regiment TheW o rc esters hire Regiment The East Surrey Regiment The Duke o f Corn wall’s L ig h tIn fan try The Duke o f Welling ton’s Regiment The Border Regiment The RoyalS u s sex Regiment The Royal H amp shire Regiment The South Stafford shire Regiment The roD sets hire Regiment The Welch Regiment The Essex Regiment T heS her wood Foresters The Loyal Regiment The North amp ton shire Regiment The Royal Berk shire Regiment The Queen ’sOwn Royal West Kent Regiment T h eKing ’sOwn York shire L ig h tIn fan try T h eKing ’sSh r o p shire L ig h tIn fan try The Middle sex Regiment The Wilt shire Regiment The Man chester Regiment The North Stafford shire Regiment TheY o r k&Lan caster Regiment The D u r ham L ig h tIn fan try The Royal Ulster Rifles The Rifle Brigade The Roy alAr myS e r vice Corps The Royal Army Medical Corps The Royal Army Ordnance Corps The Army Educ a ’ion a l Corps The Army Dental Corps The Intelligence Corps The Reconnaissance Corps The Ind ian Army Sports Medals of Faultless Design and Execution Since 1856 we have specialised in the production of Medals in Bronze, Silver and Gold. Medals can be supplied in a wide range of designs depicting every phase of Sport and Military Training. CREST MEDALS, CUPS, SHIELDS, Etc. Quotations gladly submitted ,F *PHILLIP (H. PHILLIPS A N DR. A.GAR RAT T )WELLINGTON ST., ALDERSHOT A .GRAHAM &SONS WINES, SPIRITS, BEER, MINERALS NAVAL &MILITARY MESSES SUPPLIED NEW STREET, WEYMOUTH and MANOR HOUSE, PORTLAND T**—'''•'i~? i m ROSHAN DIN &BRO. The Best Known Military Tailors in the Middle East Should you becoming out to the Middle East in the future, remember that Roshan Din &Bro. have served the Royal Armoured Corps, and (dl regiments of the Cavalry that have been stationed in the Middle East for the past twenty-five years, faithfully and satisfactorily. To those of you who have been out here already, only the name of Roshan Din &Bro. is sufficient, to remind you of past service and satisfaction. When you arrive anywhere in the Middle East remember this :we are the best Indian Tailors, and we tailor, alter and repair suits, military and civilian, all in the latest English fashion, and at reasonable prices. GIVE US YOUR CUSTOM AND WE WILL ENSURE YOUR SATISFACTION
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