The Tank, Journal of the Royal Tank Regiment, April 1947 No. 336, Vol. 29

THE TANK No. 336 APRIL, 1947 Vol. 29 Published on the Fifth of the month. All contributions to reach the Editorial Office, “ The Tank,” Bovington Camp, Dorset, by the fourteenth of the previous month at the latest. Authors alone are responsible for the views expressed in articles appearing in "The Tank.” Price 1/- a copy, 12/- a year post free. CONTENTS P A G E Editorial .. 279 Correspondence .. 279 Births, Engagement and Marriages.. .. 280 Obituary .. 280 Ironsides’ Golfing and Yachting News .. 281 Regimental News .. 283 Major-General R. Briggs, C.B., D.S.O. . .. 284 A Claim Staked .. 284 Old Comrades’ News .. 285 Winged Words—Part III fe y F.I.C.W. .. 286 Unit News: The First .. 289 The Second .. 292 The Third ...................................... • • 295 The Fourth • • 304 The Fifth .................................... .. 307 The Sixth .. 311 The Eighth • • 315 R.A.C. Training Centre, B.A.O.R. • • 317 R.A.C. School • • 319 Tank Corps V.C.s with Whippet Tanks . • • 297 Two Notable Actions of Medium “ A ” Tanks .. 298 T.A. News : Fortieth (The King’s) R.T.R. .. 319 Cadet News : The Fortieth .. 319 The Forty-Second .. 320 Battersea Grammar School .. 321 Extracts from the London Gazette .. .. 322 E d i t o r i a l Regimental March A copy of the revised Regimental march is included in this issue. Further copies may be obtained on application to the Editor, price 8Id. post free. It is hoped, in the future, to produce a copy of the march suitable for light orchestral parts. Mr. Plater is working on this now. Reunions Facilities are now available at the H.Q. of the Returned British Prisoners of War Association for the holding of Regimental reunions, meetings, etc. The address is 34 Eaton Place, London, S.W .i. Books A copy of Normandy to the Baltic, the personal account of the conquest of Germany by Field- Marshal the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, K .G ., G .C.B., D.S.O ., has been received. The price is 25s., and it is published by Messrs. Hutchin­ son and Co., Ltd. Copies of this book were given by the Field-Marshal to senior officers in the B.L.A. It is a fascinating collection of fact, illustrated by excellent maps and sketches, telling the story of the journey from the beach-head. Back Numbers It is regretted that stocks of The Tank for August, November, December, 1946, and January, 1947, are now exhausted. jtJi Armoured Division A Divisional dinner for past and present officers of 7th Armoured Division will be held at the Savoy Hotel, London, on May 3, 1947, at 7.30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tickets will cost 28s. and may be obtained as follows : (a) For those serving in B.A.O.R. from Lieut.- Colonel J. K. Greenwood, H.Q. 7th Armoured Division, B.A.O.R. (b) For those in U .K . from Lieut.-Colonel E. Cardiff, O.B.E., “ The Crossways,” Mortimer, Berks. Sterling cheques will be acceptable. Art Supplement The tank illustrated this month is the medium “ A ” (Whippet). This tank made its appearance on the Western Front in March, 1918. It was designed for speed and ease of manoeuvre. It was fitted with two 45-h.p. engines, one driving each track. Steering was effected by accelerating one engine, whilst slowing down the other. Both engines were controlled by a hand wheel. Weight was 15 tons, and the machine was capable of doing six miles per hour over good ground. Radius of action was about 30 miles. Armament was from Hotchkiss machine guns. Crew, three. Correspondence Old members of the R .T.C. Depot will be interested to hear that Sgt. Houghton, cook sergeant in 1936-37, was commissioned in the A.C.C. in 1943. He now has the rank of major and is serving in S.E.A .L.F. Correspondence To the Editor, “ The Tank ” Dear Sir, In view of the imminence of the departure of the Army from India, it would seem that the present is a suitable time to enquire into the future upkeep of the graves of officers and other ranks of the Regiment. I know from personal experience that, even when India contained many units of our Regiment, it required constant vigilance on the part of their commanders in order to ensure that the graves were maintained in some semblance of order. B
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