The Tank, Journal of the Royal Tank Regiment, April 1947 No. 336, Vol. 29

1 THE TANK The Questions You Ask 4 YOU DO... Naafi is YOUR show. Through your Institute Committee YOU have a direct invoice the running of your unit canteen. Every month a cash rebate on purchases in your Naafi is returned to your P.R.I.or P.S.I. who spends it for'the com­munal benefit of the unit, in accord­ance with the recommendations of your Institute Committee. One month the money maybe spent on a wireless set for your hut, another time it maybe used to buy sports equipment, or to provide free transport to a dance or sports meeting. Some of the money may beset aside for the purchase of newspapers or magazines for your reading room, and your special social events are probably paid for out of Naafi rebate. Naafi has no shareholders and no private capital. It is entirely self-supporting and makes no appeal for public subscriptions. Naafi pays its way on commercial lines, returning all profits to its Service customers either in rebate, discount, special amenities, Clubs or grants to Service Welfare and Benevolent Funds. Naafi policy is directed by a council of twelve. Presided over by Admiral Sir Harold M. Burroughs, K.C.B., K.B.E., D.S.O., this council consists of four representatives nominated by each of the Service Ministries. Actual administration is in the hands of aBoard of Management, comprising of a serving officer from each of the Services and four civilians from the world of “big business.” Naafi, greatest trading organisation of its kind in the world, does its utmost to give the serving man what he wants in his own canteen. NAAFI (Official canteen organisation of H.M .Forces in war and peace) HUXLEY TOWERS, CL A YG ATE, ESHER, SURREY>
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