Recognition Journal, Volume 14 No. 5 May 1959

IT’S A CARVE-UP i THERE ’SN O MISTAKE —this is a Republic F-47 Thunderbolt you see before you, and on the page opposite where it has been carved up into bits. N o strangers to spotters in World War 2, many of the thousands of Thunderbolts built then have not gone to the break e r’s yard y eton the contrary, they are giving good service in many countries alongside their modern jet counterparts. So far as we can ascertain there are something of the order of 300 Thunderbolts still serving as operational fighter-bom bers. About half these are spread among the Latin American air forces of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic, while in Europe they serve the French Air Force and, more extensively, the Yugoslav Air Force. Now for the lesson: some of the “chopped” target views are taken from photographs other than the two key views however, they are fairly similar view s,and can begot at through other target views. Make a list of the numbers and check each target against the keys. When you have written down your answers, check with the solutions on the rear cover. THUNDERBOLT KEY VIEWS
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