Recognition Journal, Volume 14 No. 5 May 1959

Cover Picture :The Boeing Stracofortresses in -this dramatic U.S. Air Force official picture are some of those which made around trip (without landing) from their U.S. bases to the Argentine capital of Rio de Janeiro during that nation's National Aviation Wee kin 1957. FIGHTER FORCE Spani in feet Span in 1. Scimitar F Mk. 13710. Fresco (MiG-17) 362. Faceplate 28 II. Super Tiger (FI IF- IF )323. Farmer (MiG-19) 3212. S kyray (F4D -I) 344. Thu end rstre ak (F-84F) 3413. Lightning F Mk. 1355. Demon (F3H-2N) 3S 14. Crusader (F8U -I) 366. Super Sabre (F-I00C) 3815. Gnat F Mk. 1227. S tarfighter (F-I04A) 2216. Arrow Mk. 1508. Thu end rchie f (F-I05B) 3517. Hunter F Mk. 6349. Fishpot 2818. Javelin F (AW )Mk. 452 FLASH L IG H T-A All the target views are ofF lashlight-A except No. 12, which is a S ud-A viation V autou r. SOLUTIONS TO TESTS AND LESSONS IN THIS EDITION SHORT SEA TRADER SAND OCEAN TANKERS Type Name o f Ship Gross Tonnage Overall length (feet) 1 .Short Sea Trader Poseidon 1,3742402. SuperTanker V e lle tia 18.6616303. Tanker C alte x Calcutta 8,5274914. SuperTanker World Grace 20,4316655. Short Sea Trader T rito 1,0302576. Tanker L isita 8,4844967. Short Sea Trader Hubert Prom 3,9493428. SuperTanker V itrin a 20,8026449. Short Sea Trader Elisabeth H end rik Fisser 1,36123510. Tanker Belgian Pride 8,99650511. Tanker M cKinney M aersk 11,95055012. Tanker British Sergeant 10,07351713. Short Sea Trader Ara bert 3,04332414. Short Sea Trader Congokust 4,75836915. Short Sea Trader D om burgh 99125416. SuperTanker Tin a Onassis 25,01077517. Short Sea Trader V illegas 1.21628518. Tanker Norseman 11,43655419. Tanker B jorgholm 11.73255920. Tanker British Premier 8.66149021. Short Sea Trader Berylstone 3,53832822. Short Sea Trader Oran ie 3,26535623. SuperTanker Spyros N iarchos 30,15975724. Short Sea Trader Thorn hill 2,14630925. Tanker Doris B 8,61449026. Short Sea Trader Baltic Clipper 1,19828527. Tanker Ash ta rak 12,82855628. SuperTanker C ham bord 21,43267029. Short Sea Trader Peder Rindc 1,88532530. Short Sea Trader Ingerfire 3,57835331. Tanker Constance 11,14254032. Short Sea Trader Mary Robert Muller 1,59826633. SuperTanker Elisabeth 19,41865134. Short Sea Trader C apitain e Rio 4,19936735. Short Sea Trader Fairw ind 2,77032236. Tanker Kherson 8,20947537. Short Sea Trader Finn 1,599290 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Our thanks arc due to the Ship Recognition Corps for their help in the preparation of this lesson and lor the use of their silhouettes to the British Petroleum Co. for photo No. 12 to Vickers-Armstrongs for photo No. 23 to Mr. John G. Callis for photo Nos. 24,26.29.35 and 37 and to Skyfotos for most of the remaining photographs used in the presentation. MOS C O WAND VAN GUARD 1. Moscow II. Vanguard 21. Vanguard 31. Moscow 2. Vanguard 12. Moscow 22. Moscow 32. Vanguard 3. Moscow 13. Vanguard 23. Vanguard 33. Moscow 4. Vanguard 14. Moscow 24. Vanguard 34. Vanguard 5. Moscow 15. Vanguard 25. Moscow 35. Moscow 6. Vanguard 16. Moscow 26. Vanguard 36. Vanguard 7. Moscow 17. Vanguard 27. Moscow 37. Vanguard 8. Moscow 18. Moscow 28. Vanguard 38. Moscow 9. Vanguard 19. Vanguard 29. Vanguard 39. Vanguard 10. Moscow 20. Moscow 30. Moscow 40. Moscow L A N SEN All the target views are Lansens except No. 15, which is a Hawker Hunter. FRIEND O R FOE ?1. M ystere 4a 17. Fagot 33. M ystere 4a 2. M ystere 4a 18. Super M ystere 34. Fagot 3. Fagot 19. Super M ystere 35. Fagot 4. Super M ystere 20. Super M ystere 36. Super M ystere 5. Super M ystere 21. Fagot 37. M ystere 4a 6. Fagot 22. Fagot 38. Fagot 7. M ystere 4a 23. Super M ystere 39. M ystere 4a 8. M ystere 4a 24. M ystere 4a 40. Fagot 9. Fagot 25. Fagot 41. Fagot 10. M ystere 4a 26. Super M ystere 42. Fagot 11. M ystere 4a 27. Fagot 43. M ystere 4a 12. Fagot 28. Super M ystere 44. Fagot 13. Super M ystere 29. Fagot 45. Fagot 14. Super M ystere 30. Super M ystere 46. M ystere 4a 15. Fagot 31. Super M ystere 16. Super M ystere 32. Fagot WE’RE A COUP LEO F TRAMPS !Type Name o f Ship Gross Tonnage Overall length (feet) 1 ."Sp lit” A lcoutim 7,0574412. “Split” B askerville 5,8054173. Victory Alice Brown 8,2154554. Victory San M ateo Victory 7,6234555. Victory Seton Hall Victory 7,6514556. Victory D ru ry Victory 7,6374557. Victory Whittier Victory 7,6074558. Victory Seton Hall Victory 7,6514559. Liberty Tramp (joker) ’’Sp lit" (not known) 7,20044010. D altonhall 5,175443 II. Victory Creighton Victory 7,60645512. Victory "Sp lit” A lm a Victory 7,64445513. Polycrow n 7,27744314. Victory Glaucus 7,69845515. Victory "Sp lit" (not known) 7,60045516. Megna 6,59543217. "Sp "Split" lit” Penelope 7.05644118. Indian River 6,87244219. Victory "Sp lit” Transglobe 7,63845520. C le rva u x 7,08447821. Victory Vergelegen 7,60545522. Victory "Sp lit” A alsdyk 7,64545523. Zinnia 7.29244124. Victory K ingsport Victory 7,65345525. Victory "Sp lit” D ru ry Victory 7,63745526. G raigw en 5,99841727. "Sp lit" Trinity Pioneer 7,38846528. Victory Constitution State 7,61345529. Victory T ransglobe 7.63845530. Victory "Sp lit" K arm ala 7,67345531. N o vo r Rita 7,13344032. Victory Flandres 7,80945533. "Sp lit" Greenwich 7,29144334. Victory Lindenw ood Victory 7,46145535. Victory C euro ’Ad lene Victory 7,64545536. Victory A mes Victory 7,64445537. Victory San M ateo Victory 7,623455 IT’S A CAR V E-U P!All the target views are of Thunderbolts. Nos. 3.6,8,10.15,16,17,18,19,20 and 21 come from the two key views, the rest from other pictures. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Our thanks are due to the Ship Recognition Corps for the use of their silhouettes in this lesson, and to Skyfotos, who kindly provided many of the photographs used. 20.0005/59 Printed under the Authority o f H.M .Stationery Office by William Clowes &Sons, Limited, London and Beccles
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