Daily Express August 23 1945

POW MOUNTBATTEN BROWNING WHEELER ER No. SLIM DAILY 14,108 EX PR Lighting-up: ESS 9.7 pm to 4.58 am THURSDAY AUGUS f 231945 Weather: Rainy,1 cool One LAST Penny ORDERS: MacA's TOKYO HOME TO BE READY BY 6 p.m .MONDAY Black flags for Jap U boats and red pennants for SAVE aircraft THE PRISONERS ORDER GOES Mountbatten OUTdraws up the Surrender FLEETS Terms SPEED 20-ft. AID signs will guide planes to the From camps KINGSFORD SMITH: Admiralty Islands, Wednesday D R IT HIS WARSHIPS AND CARRIERS ARE TONIGHT TAKING ON STRONG FORCES OF SPECIALLY TRAINED TROOPS TO RACE TO THE RESCUE OF PRISONERS OF WAR IN JAPANESE The HANDS. Australian Army and Navy are joining in and within days two powerful fleets in full battle trim will steam from this South-West Pacific base for the prison camps of Shanghai Hongkong, and Army Formosa. doctors will treat the men in the camps, and the carriers are taking fleets of flying ambulances to whisk the sick to hospitals in Australia. The fit will rank second only to V.I.P.s (very important persons) for transport to But England. the earners have fighting planes, too. Com­mandos and paratroops are sailing in the warships. Our commanders half expect that we may have to shoot our way into Hongkong, although M acA rthur’s surrender orders to the Japs stipulate that we shall togo the of aid our men without interference. These _____________ are MacArthur’s orders, telling the Japs clearly that we are coming by sea and air— this week—to aid our prisoners, and nothing must hinder A 1 us 1 1 prisoners ol war ana civil internees must be well housed, clothed, fed and medically cared lor until we free 2 them. The Japs must ensure that the supplies dropped by our ONE DOWN FORCED MONTY planes JAP SHIP WILL LEAD OUR From ARMADA HENRY M KEYS ANILA, Wednesday.— At 6 a.m. next Tuesday one Japanese ship will meet the United States Fleet 20 miles from Oshim a and lead the warships into Tokyo This Bay. is one of the commands sent by General MacArthur to Emperor Hirohitc and issued The tonight. tirst of these commands, grounding of all aircraft In Japan by 6 p.m on Friday, has already been relaxed b$ MacArthur at the urgent radio request of the Japanese Government They will oe allowed to use a limited number of unarmed aircraft for liaison These must fly red pennants Here are the other Whisky, commands:— cigarettes vanish from Express ship Staff SOUTH Reporter SHIELDS, day.—Sea Wednes­ transport officers tonight are awaiting re­ports from Antwerp before compiling a list of whiskS IA ffltN nun MESSAGE A FOR o L TARACHI r d lo ijis mount-BATTEN and his Seac Service chiefs draw up the Terms of Surrender to be submitted to Tarachi, Com­mander of the Japanese Southern Army. Tarachi was told to send envoys to Ran­goon today. He has not said yet if he Key will. to the SLIM—Sir group William, Lieut.- General, Commander Four­teenth WHEELER—Raymond Army. A., General U.S. Army, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander. POWER Seac. —Sir Arthur, Admiral, Commanding W East HAT ALights WEEK! go off AT again By MIDNIGHT GUY A EDEN GOVERNMENT ^suggestion that Britain should return to the black-out after midnight —to save coal—is likely to be opposed in the House of Commons The to­morrow. suggestion— it is not an order— is made in a state­ment issued this morning 4.30a by JAP mLATEST THREAT IN New KOREA York radio said early today that when party of Americans and Koreans landed at Korran airfield with medical supplies for Allied prisoners Jap commander brought up tanks and covered plane with guns to *demand that ROW Allied IN CHURCH ON NEW Protest BISHOP meeting in the Express aisle Staff Reporter: ANNE A COUPAR CITY OF LONDON policeman, hastily called in from "directing Lombard-street traffic, stood in the chancel of the fifteenth-century St. Mary W oolnoth Church yesterday, to preserve law and order while Dr. J. C.W. Wand was elected Bishop of In London. front, of the constable the Vicar -General’s Court /went through the motions Shinwell, of Minister of Fuel- aitd The Power. “statement says:— In view ot the coal supply posi­tion and the low levels 01 stocks, the Minister ot Fuel and Power regrets that he has had no aiterna- Uve" butter ask- lighting authorities to make immediate arrangements to secure that street lighting is rot turned on earlier in the evening than is absolutely necessary, and is. as a general rule, extinguished “at midnight. Authorities are also being asked to consider what additional economies in street lighting can be made, such as a reduction in the number of lights inside streets
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