Hutchison's Pictorial History of the War, No. 1, Vol. 2

HUTCHINSON EVERY BOOK IN THIS LIST IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE TO ALL BRITISH CITIZENS X-RAY OF EUROPE by EUGENE LENNHOFF The most important political book since Inside Europe. 10/6. THE STRUGGLE FOR PEACE by The Rt. Hon. NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN“ A courageous human being speaking the thoughts of millions.”—Observer. 8/6. PRIME MINISTER THE DEFENCE OF FRANCE by EDOUARDDALADIER “The mind of M. Daladier is vividly revealed.”—Daily Telegraph. 7/6. FR FiNCH PRIME MINISTER THE AUTHENTIC BIOGRAPHY OF COLONEL BECK by J. H. HARLEY The story of the public and private life of the former Polish Foreign Secretary. 8 illustrations. 7/6. GERMANY PUSHES WEST by Dr. GERHARD SCHACHER “All that he says about Nazi ambitions preliminary to a final reckoning with the West deserves to be carefully weighed.” —Times.— 10/6. GERMANY PUSHES SOUTH-EAST by Dr. GERHARD SCHACHER ‘‘The author deserves our gratitude for this sagacious study in international politics.”—News Chronicle. 7/6. MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY by BENITO MUSSOUN1 An important revised edition which brings the story of the life of Mussolini upright to 1939.5/-. THE CITIZEN SOLDIER With a Foreword by MAJ.-GEN. JOHN HAYBEITH All that a Territorial should know about his job written by a host of experts. 5/-. MEN AGAINST HITLER by FRITZ MAX CAHEN The sensational inside story of the Hitler opposition in Germany. 8/6. I KNEW HITLER by^KURT G. LUDECKE “Vivid first-hand portraits of Hitler and other leading Nazis.”—Daily Telegraph. 10/6. RED PILOT by VLADIMIR UNISHEVSKY Sensational and startling picture of Russia’s industrial chaos. Illustrated. 7/6. MAN OF ROOM 40 by ALFRED W. EWING The story of how Sir Alfred Ewing originated the famous secret Admiralty department. Illustrated. 12/6. ANGLO-GERMAN FUTURE by W. J. BLYTON How the British Empire is run—the true economic state of Germany. 7/6. THE POLITICAL TESTAMENT OF HERMANN GOERING Arranged and translated by H. W. BLOOD RYAN Tells in Goering's own words of his political aims and beliefs. 8/6. MEIN KAMPF (Unexpurgated Edition) by ADOLF HITLER More than ever necessary now we are at war with Germany. 8/6. HUTCHINSON
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