World War 1914 - 1918 A Pictured History Part 33

“ History as a Living Story N e v e r again need you be looking for “ something to read.” Here, within the covers of eight sumptuous books, is the story of Human Progress from the birth of the world until our own day. Written by the greatest authorities of the day in easily understood language, containing all the enthralling details of man’s great adventure on earth, the work is more fascinating than any novel you have ever read, more interesting, more entertaining. Read the Wonderful Story of our Country, our Race, our Empire, and our World, under the guidance of trained observers who in the beautiful volumes of the UNIVERSAL HISTORY o f th e WORLD Edited by S ir Jo hn H am m erton tell and interpret the great story of the past which is at the same time the guide to the years that lie ahead. Thus we may understand the forces that underlie the social evolution of our modern world and gain a clearer vision of the march of human destiny. Professor J. H. Morgan, K.C. The Great Authority on Constitutional History writes: “ I congratulate you on what is, lo my mind, far and away the best ' Universal History ' in existence. I speak with some knowledge, as when I read for History School at Oxford, as a Scholar of Balliol, I had lo study, in part, the two chief ' Universal Histories' of that day, one a French production, the other a German one. 1 have also in my library the ‘ Cambridge Modern History ' and Lavisse's 18 volume (cooperative) * Histoire de France.' I think your history superior to all of them and, indeed, the only thing of the kind 1 know which unites sound scholarship with brilliancy of presentation . . ." An Historical Library The following figures will give you some idea of the immensity o/ the scope of this work. Nearly 150 of the world’s leading historians have combined to write it. The work is divided into 10 Eras, 33 Chronicles and 200 Study Chapters, and contains nearly 9,000 Illustrations, many in full colour. The whole is brilliantly and skilfully assembled, embodying in most easily readable form the cream of the world’s historical knowledge. Read what the reviewer in The Times Literary Supplement says : “ The contributors .... show no condescension to supposed inferiors, tell us all they know about main matters and are as readable as novelists.'' For a first subscription of 5/- with order you receive the 8 volumes of the UNIVERSAL HISTORY OF THE W ORLD and theFREE SOLID OAK TABLE BOOKCASE, illustra­ ted in Cover iii. lii « iiffl i- ¦ IS J * "o' fT D 17 ET A Most Attractively * Produced Booklet This beautiful booklet, which is offered to you free if you will send a postcard, gives very full particulars of these magnificent volumes. It shows you specimen pages and samples of the thousands of illustrations which appear in the work. You will receive also details of the convenient subscription terms. Send postcard tor the Booklet, m entioning Part 33 of W orld War 1914-1918to the E ducational Book Co., Lim ited, Tallis Street, W hitefriars London, E.C. 4 P rinte d in G reat B ritain and Published every T hursday by the Proprietors, T h e A m a l g a m a t e d P r e s s. L i d . The Meet w av House, Farrinijdoit Street London, E.C.4. Sole Agents for A ustralia and New Zealand : Messrs. Gordon & Gotch, Ltd. ; and for South A frica : Central News Afiencv, Ltd. Subscription Rates i Inland and Ahroad gd. per copy. I une 20th, 1935. S V.
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