World War 1914 - 1918 A Pictured History Part 33

r>** *“*.-•-¦Photo :Imp e rial U’u r M u scu n ALLIES AT SALONIKA General Mishich commanded the Serbian army after its transference to Salonika, while General Milne was in command of the British troops from May, 1916. Mishich has just received the G.C.M.G. and is about to inspect a British guard of honour Cobadin, Mackensen’s army pushed onto attack Constantsa, which fell into their hands on October 23. Undercover of rearguard actions and the fire of the Russian Black Sea fleet, the authorities of the town contrived to getaway most of the stores, burning what they were unable to remove. The Russian ships did not leave the port until everything that might have been of use to the enemy had been either removed or destroyed. The greater part of the population made good their escape, and the Allied troops retired to Caram urat, about twenty miles north-west of the evacuated town. On October 23 Maclcensen stormed Medgidia, 011 the railway about 25 miles west of Constantsa, and also Rasova. The German report affirmed that in these and other operations on this line the Allies lost 7,000 men in prisoners, besides 12 guns, and the capture of Constantsa was in itself a heavy blow. The Rumanians made a determined attempt to hold the eastern end of the railway at Cernavoda, where the great bridge crossed the Danube but the enemy pressure was too overwhelming, and early in the morning of the 25th they had to abandon the bridge-head and withdraw by the bridge, which they afterwards blew up. The railway was in the possession of the enemy. Mackensen had taken the railway, but he was still 011 the wrong side of the Danube, and its crossing had to be made if he was to co-operate effectively with the Germans in their efforts to penetrate into Rumania from the north. In that theatre the position fluctuated from hour to hour. The north-eastern passes showed some improvement for the Rumanians, but in the northern passes —from Hatszeg, Hermannstadt and Brasso— where the fiercest fighting con­tinued and the enemy struck with far heavier weight, Falkenhayn was able to report progress, capturing the Vulkan pass on October 25, and advancing farther south by the exits of the Roter Turin, the Torzburg anti the Predeal passes. The situation had an ominous look for the Rumanians. This movement had begun 011 October 10 when the Rumanians in ¦Transylvania were compelled to with­draw towards the passes, and it cul­ 905 m inated in the capture of the Predeal pass and the little town of Predeal that followed hard upon that of the Vulkan pass on the 25th. Falkenhayn also be­gan his advance along the valley of the Jiu , a movement which was to have a decisive influence on the campaign. At this time the Germans had also secured a firm foothold on Rumanian soil at Rucaru and Dragoslavele, the latter being just south of the former, on the south side of the Torzburg, on the road to Campu Lung, as well as at Caineni, at the southern exit of the Roter Turin, which they had taken as far back as the beginning of the month, but Orsova and the V arciorova pass were instill the possession of Rumania. The Rumanians were ill supplied with aircraft, field telephones and munitions generally, but both France and Great Britain did something towards making up the deficiency. A wireless message from B ukarest reported the arrival thereof four British aeroplanes from Im bros on October 24 more British 1 K
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