World War 1914 - 1918 A Pictured History Part 26

A Companion Jubilee Souvenir to OUR KING &QUEEN inBound Royal Blue Suede Leather Cloth inset with silver panels WONDERFUL LONDON This superb volume presents a living picture of the world’s greatest capital as it is today, described by its best writers and illustrated bv the finest collection of photographic views ot London. London life and London ways ever brought within the covers of a single volume. There are over 200 PHOTO GRAPHS reproduced in photogravure. Contributors to WONDERFUL LONDON include ALFRED NOYES J. B. PRIESTLEY E. V. KNOX H. V. MORTON H.M. TOMLINSON ROBERT LYND STEPHEN GRAHAM SIR PHILIP GIBBS G.K. CHESTERTON WONDERFUL LONDON isairium phol beautiful printing and binding It is a magnificent souvenir which shouid find a place in every home in the land. It measures u.J" >:S: j" and i?i|" thickO n Sale <ii alt News agents .Rook- ,Bookstalls seller i i n ilL e a J in! Store s.r C s^H rT O n h- v-« orT on cRaH a w A U Chart' 1 » J a C,-o Printed in Great Britain and Published every Thursday by the Proprietors, AI'm malgamaikd Press, Ltd. 1 'he Fleetway House, l'turingdon Street London E C .4. Sole A jents for Australia and New Zca'.and :Messrs. Gordon& Gotch, Ltd and for South Africa: Central New Agency, Ltd Subscription K ates: Inland .aid Abroad, yd per copy May 2nd,, 1935? S.V
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The document titled World War 1914 - 1918 A Pictured History Part 26 is beneath this layer.

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