Aircraft Recognition No. 5, Vol. III January 1945

LANCASTER WARWICK i The effect of a 12,000 lb. “Blockbuster” or “Earth­quake ”bomb dropped by a Lancaster on Japan will be equally as devastating as on Germany, but the 12,000 lb. bombs themselves will bean enormous job to transport. For Service Overseas New types of aeroplane will probably go into action before Japan is beaten, but the bulk of the Allied Air Forces will be well-tried types which have already given excellent service in other parts of the World. All those aircraft used to co-operate with the land forces will be needed, but only close support and long-range bombers are likely to be useful in the particular kind of Air War to be fought in the Far East. Fighter-bombers will be wanted but large forces of inter­ceptor fighters will probably not be necessary now that Japan is being forced on the defensive. Instead, long-range escort fighters will be needed. The fact that Spitfires of the R.A.F. have made their longest flight so far in the Pacific, around trip of about 800 miles from Australia to Timor, is an indication that British infighters the Pacific will roam farther afield. Coastal Command, used to long tours over the Atlantic, is not likely to find the Pacific anymore difficult. Nor will Japanese ships be harder to attack and sink than the strongly defended German convoys. Sunderlands and Beaufighters are already operating with the R.A.A.F. in Australia which will abe help both from the operational and maintenance point of view. Rolls-Royce Merlin engines are already in operation in the Far East—Spitfires as well as flying from Australia are operating, together with Mosquitos, from India —so some spares and equipment will be available. Bristol Hercules engines are also in service in the East with Beaufighters and Wellingtons, therefore aero­ planes powered by the Hercules can be expected to be used. The Napier Sabre engine, although untried overseas so far, should also be available. Thus, contrary to earlier ideas, the use of both liquid and air-cooled engines will be practicable in the Far East. Because of the difficulties involved, the switching of the full might of the Allied Air Forces from Germany against Japan cannot be done immediately there are moreno German targets. But once the move has begun and ships and transports are available Japan will get her deserts.— _ . SUNDERLAi MET PEST 101
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