Aircraft Recognition No. 5, Vol. III January 1945

Vol. III.—No. 5 AIRCRAFT JANUARY, 1945 RECOGNITION THE INTER-SERVICES JOURNAL THE EDITORIAL The Inter-Serviccs Journal on Aircraft Recognition is published on the first o f each month. It is prepared and produced by an Editorial Committee in conjunction with the Aircraft Recognition Branch o f the Ministry o f Aircraft Production. The members o f the Editorial Committee are :—Peter G. Masefield, M.A .,A.F.R .A e.S .(C hairm an) Leonard Bridgman G. Geoffrey Smith, M .B.E.D. Jenkins O bs./Lt. C. Charles T app, M .B.E. COMMITTEE Sqd. Ldr. C.H. Blyth, R.A .F.V .R.H .L. Gaunt Sqd. L dr. H.F. R.AKing, .F.V .R.and Mrs. Joan B radbrooke. All contributions should be addressed to the Inter-Services Journal on Aircraft Recognition, Ministry of Aircraft Production, Room 2020,2, Hyde Park Street, London, W.2. Telephone Number :Ambassador 1290. Ext. 3 and 4. Articles submitted for publication should not exceed about 1,000 words in length. SOL U T ION STORE COG NIT ION TESTS IN THIS ISSUE No FRONT COVER :SPITFIRE XIV No. 104 (NIGHT FIG H TE R’S VIEW ):1. Lancaster 4. Mosquito 8. Beaufight 2. H e 1775. Dakota 9. M e 4103. Halifax 6. Wellington 10. Ju 887. P-61 105 (SILLOGRAPHS) :511. Firefly 518. F ulm ar 525. Dakota 512. “Frances ”519. Tempest 526. Halifax 513. “Emily ”520. “Oscar ”527. Typhoon 514. Liberator 521. “Helen ”528. Me 410515. H e 177522. Helldiver 529. “Jake ”516. “Judy ”523. Dauntless 530. Fortress 517. D o 217K-1 524. Ju 88 •APPLICATIONS FOR MATERIALS Please note that this Journal or any Recognition material can be obtained only through the recognised channels. Scales o f issue for the Royal Navy and Army are laid down inC.A .F .0.1076/44, and A .C.I.28/1943, respec­tively. Copies o f this Journal are not for sale, nor can they be supplied from the Editorial Offices o r the Printers. Correspondence regarding distribution cannot be undertaken and we regret that no reply can be sent to letters written on this subject in future. Stamps and /or Money Orders should not be sent to the Editorial Offices. 106 (GUN SIGHTS ):33. M e 41036. Ju 8839. Fw 19034. “Oscar” 37. M e 10940. “Zeke ”35. “Judy ”38. “Tojo ”Approximate ranges, first through 50 m.p.h. sight and second through the fixed sight: 33.400 yds. and 270 yds. 37.170 yds. and 110 yds. 34.300 yds. and 200 yds. 38.325 yds. and 220 yds. 35.600 yds. and 400 yds. 39.500 yds. and 335 yds. 36.500 yds. and 335 yds. 40.145 yds. and 100 yds. No. 107 (FLYING PHOTO GRAPHS ):830. Sentinel 839. He 177849. B-29 831. “Betty ”“O scar ”840. Lightning “Helen ”850. M e 109832.841.851. Mustang 833. Mariner 842. Thunderbolt 852. “Frances 834. Hellcat 843. Halifax 853. “Zeke ”835. Ju 52844. Tempest 854. P-61 836. Whitley &Hadrian 845. Mitchell 855. Dauntless 837. Me 410846. Warwick 856. “Emily ”“Betty ”838. Beaufighter 847.848. “Tony ”Marauder 857. D ON’T HIDE IT !This Journal, although an official issue, contains no information in a security classification. For this reason it should be given the widest possible circulation among the Services, the R.O.C, and the Spotters Clubs, for whom it is produced. The text and illustrations arc Crown Copyright and the permission of the Controller of H.M. Stationery Office must be obtained before any reproduction is made. 2546/W t. 8176/D m d.R 7109/G p. 45-218. 167M 1/45. Printed under the authority o f H.M .Stationery Office by Samson Clark &Co., Ltd., Mortimer Street, London, \V. 1
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