The Second Great War No. 72

THE complete GUIDE T O HOME gardening A Great Opportunity, for Every Gardener and Allotment Holder Here is a hook th a twill show von how to obtain maximum production from your g a rd e nor allotment. Packed with authoritative inform a tio nan dins tru c tio non almost every phase of garden work, THE COMPLETE GUIDE T O HOME GARDENING presents the cream of modern horticultural know ledge in an easy and simple form ,so that lab o uris lessened and results improved .Take advantage today of our free- a prop val >lTer and be v our own judge of the value of this work. THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO HOME GARDENING Edited by M .JAMES, F.R.H.S. Assisted by many Experts covering all Branches o f Gardening Foreword by S. P.B. M A wIS, ell-know n A thou rand Broadcaster Whether you are a begin nero r already have considerable experience ,whether your garden is large o r small, this book will pro vein v a lu able to you It explains clearly and fully just exactly how and when all the various g a rd e nope ration s.ire carried out and tells you what to avoid as well as what to dn. In its 576 pages eve rv problem likely to arise in your working a rd e nor allotment is so lv ed, every question answered .While the growing of fruit and veg e tables must necessarily take first place win a r-tiin e —an din this hook will be found a complete guide to their cultivation —no garden -lo rev will want to neglect ilow ers. A s Mr.S. P.B. M ais writes, in his attractive preface to the v o lu “Theme, whole nation now digs for victory .Gardening ,th a thad always been the purest of human plea su res, the erg sate fresh men tot the spirit of man .has now become some thing more. It has become a p a trio tic duty ’We need more th a nev erin war-time th esp iri.u a land a these tic stimulus that comes from the presence of beauty .It is unnecessary ,indeed a short-sighted and unwise policy ,to denude the garden wholly of flowers. There are odd space sin gall a rd ens where veg e tables d o not g ro w.”As you will see b gay clan eat the list of con tents ,the cultivation of flowers is dealt with fully .THE COMPLETE GUIDE T O HOME GARDENING is illus tra ted through o u ton a lavish scale. There arc no fewer than three hun d red useful drawing sand diagram sin the text and the work is enriched b y numerous photo graphic and c o lour plates .With the aid of these and the clear, straightforward instruction s,even the veriest novice could not go wrong. A Iirief Outline of the Contents Planning the Garden :Choice of Design— M odern Style s—La­b our-s a v gin G a rd Kens— itch enG a rd ens —Bung a aGlow rd ens, etc .Garden Construction Herbaceous Perennials :Plan ting H i 111 s—How to Sta k e—Col­ ourS che mes— th e Year in the Flower Garden ,etc .Flowers from Seed: Sowing —Care of Seedlings—Pricking Off—Popular V a rie ­ties, etc .Bulb Culture Cacti and Succu­lents Trees and Shrubs Roses in Garden Design Rock Gardens Water Features The Fruit Garden :What to Grow— Planting—Pruning —Fruit Storage ,etc .The Vegetable Garden: Crop Rotation— Salads all the Year Round —Cultural& Exhibition Hints —th eYe a r’s Work ,etc .Architectural Features: Pergolas a—Fr ne, —Green h o uses, etc .The Lawn Its Making and Upkeep Garden Operations :Din gin g—T re n c hing —Forking —Man u r­ing —Plan ting— Trans plan ting —Hoe­ing —Weeding— Root Division —Cut­ tings— L aye ring- Grafting ,etc .Care of the Soil and Use of Fertilizers Treatment of Pests and Diseases til al.e th er, w llh •jftld Irtte riu fj on spine. The volume measures 8X X 6 ins. Thr upep volume shows a specimen papt ami one ol the beautiful colour plates. Send for This Splendid Work TODAY! Just sign and post the lorm at right, and on acceptance we will send you thi? volume, carriage paid, to examine for one week free. You may either return it to tts within 8 days to end the matter, or you may keep it on the easy terms outlined. These prices apply only to the British Isles. NOTE :If you do not wish to cut this coupon, send a postcard (mentioning The Second Great War .V o. 7 2 )to The Waverley Hook Co who will be pleased to send a printed application inform its place. Post this at once or send postcard (see NOTE at left). FREE EXAMINATION FORM To The WAVERLEY BOOK CO., LIMITED, 96&97, Farringdon St., LONDON, E.C.4. Please sen dine, carriage paid ,for sev end a vs' FREE examination, -THE COMPLETE GUIDE T O HOME 'GARDEN I N G."It i- understood that I may return the work on the eighth d.iv after I receive it. and that there the matte rends. If Ike e p!t. I will sem i you on the eighth day a l-irst Payment of 0 ,and .be u inning 5 0 days after, four further monthly payments o t 5 thus comp tingle ih e purchase price. CASH PRICE WITHIN 8 DAYS IS 21- Satne. .Address Occupation Stale if Householder Parent's signature required if under 21Date S.G.W. 72. PLEASE F IL LIN ALL PARTICULARS ASKED. Over 300 Drawings and Diagrams •64 Pages of Photographic Plates •17 Superb Plates in FULL COLOUR Printed in England and published 011 the 15th of each month by the Proprietors, The A glam a mated Press ,Ltd .,The Fleetwav House. Farringdon Street, London. E.C.4. Sole Agents for Australia and New Zealand :Messrs. Gordon& Gotch, Ltd. :and for South Africa :Central News Agency, Ltd. Registered for transmission by Canadian Magazine Post. S.Y.
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