Songs and Slang of the British Soldier 1914 - 1918

Books by the same Authors. JOHN BROPHY: The Bitter End, a War Novel. 1928. (Den t.) Pluck the Flower, a Novel. 1929. (Den t.) Peter Lavelle, a Novel. 1929 .(Den t.) The Soldier’s War, a Pro seAn tho logy .1929 ne.(D t.) Fanfare and other Papers. 1930 .(The Sch ola rtis Press being No. 1 o f The Benington Books.) ERIC PARTRIDGE: The Poems of Cuthbert Shaw and Thomas Russell. 1925 .(Du la Au.) Book of English Prose: 1700-1914.1926 .(Edward A r n old.) A Critical Medley. 1926 .(Ch amp ion ,Paris .)Robert Eyres Landor, a Biography. 1927 .(The Fan frolic o Press.) R.H. Horne: “Orion” .Critical edition ,with intro ­duct ion biographic a land critic al. 1928 .(The Sch ola rtis Press.) Three Personal Records of the War, with R.H. Mot tram and John E aston .1929* (The Scholar tis Press.) The Window. A literary quarterly ,with Bertram R a tc liffe .1930 .(The Sch ola rtis Press.)
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