Songs and Slang of the British Soldier 1914 - 1918

TWO SCHOLARTIS BOOKS GLIMPSES, b y CORRIE DENISON Otic long and seven short stories. The first deals with childhood in New Zealand, the next two with life in Australia the fourth is a War story j then comes the tale o f a student, followed by ‘A Case of Lunacy^ ‘Charmian Warrington’ is a love-story o f a decidedly unusual kind and ‘Vernon Ditdiley’ sets forth the development o fan author, with shrewd and, in passing, intimate comments on authorship and journalism, publishing and bookselling. Demy 8vo Js. 6d .first edition, 500 copies, outsold before publi­cation, the 100 signed copies inbound buckram at 21 twos. days later. The Times.—‘Curious, unusual stories, completely at variance with customary form. Such an intense, cultivated personality is revealed that ibe boojk is absorbing reading. There is no superficiality. ...“A Tale of Three Cities” (containing a remarkable description of a raidable sexual den in Paris) chronicles the adventure* o f a young scholar in Oxford (with striking allusions to certain of its dominant figures), London, and Paris. One read* in “Cbarmian Warrington" avery ir exposition of a love affair. 4 ,A Case of Lunacy” is the most imaginative story.* FAN FARE ,by JOHN BRO PH Y A collection of essays and papers to be published in July. Mr. Brophy is one of the most provocative and distinguished of our younger novelists and essayists. He has that rare gift: a remark­able style. And the matter is always equal to the style. George Tillotson in The Fortnightly Review has said: wBfophy’s style is almost all that one wants from prose- in 1930. It,is strong and subtle, coloured without being painted, cumulative by neat processes, lithe in rhythm.” Demy 8 w limited to 560 copies^ o f which there are 535 at 7s. bd., and 25 signed, bun din buckram, at 25s. .4 :This is No. I o f The Brnington Hooks, a series uniformly limited and produced with the above volume. No writings hitherto puj>- lished in book form will be admitted as regards collections of stork*, •essays, sketches, we stipulate that a considerable proportion o f the book shall be entirely new. Short npvels, translations, satires, and kindred publications shall form a large part of the series and as as possible they shall never have been published before (i.e. in period­icals). Each volume will be excellently produced and will consist of not less than 160 pages.
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