Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War No. 5, Vol. 1

Nearly 10,000,000 already Sold HUTCHINSON’S SIXPENNY POCKETS’ HUTCHINSON 2 SPEARS A G A INST US Cecil Roberts 3 ROOTS Naomi Jacob 4 THE LATS KING HORSE Rafael Sabatini 5 W E FORGET B EC A U SEW E MUST W .B. Maxwell 6 THE STREET O F ADVENTURE Philip Gibbs 7 HIPPY B U CHAN Ethel Boileau 9 PANTO MIME G. B. Stern II THE FIFTH COMMANDMENT H.A. Vachell 13 PROPS Naomi Jacob M SWEET PEPPER Geoffrey Moss 15 SUP ERST IT ION Stephen McKenna 17 THE GILDED HALO Cosm o Hamilton 19 OUT O F GREAT T R 13U LAT ION H.A. Vachell 20 TENS ION E.M. Dclafield 21 THAT WILD LIE Naomi Jacob 22 SYLVIA AND PHILIP Compton Mackenzie 23 THE FIRE O F SPRING Ethel Boileau 25 SYLVIA AND ARTHUR Compton Mackenzie 26 THE OPTIMIST E.M. Dclafield 27 YOUNG ANARCHY Philip Gibbs 31 SOLILOQUY Stephen McKenna 33 THE FOR BIDDEN TERRITORY Dennis Wheatley Naomi Jacob 36 YOUNG EMMANUEL 38 SUCH POW ERIS DANGEROUS Dennis Wheatley 39 SYLVIA AND MICHAEL Compton Mackenzie 41 THREE LOVERS Frank Swinnerton 42 MRS. HART ER E.M. Dclafield 43 EARLY MORNING R.H. Mottram 44 BLACK AUGUST Dennis Wheatley 46 THE MAGIC QUEST Stephen McKenna 47 AND MR. W Y K E BOND W .B. Maxwell 48 THE LIFE AND LOVES O F MARIE W A LEW ASK Count D'O rnano 49 GUNS O F THE GODS Talbot Mundy SO YOUNG MEN IN LOVE Michael Arlen 51 BLACK SWAN Rafael Sabatini 54 IN TOT H ELAND O F NOD H.A. Vachell 55 BOX O F SPIKE RAN D Ethel Boileau 56 RICH RELATIVES Compton Mackenzie 57 SUMMER STORM Frank Swinnerton 58 FABULOUS VALLEY Dennis Wheatley 59 LILY CHRISTINE Michael Arlen 60 T Z IG A N E Lady Eeanor Smith 61 THE DEVIL RIDES OUT Dennis Wheatley 62 UNCHANGING QUEST Philip Gibbs 63 FOUR GENE RAT IONS Naomi Jacob 64 PORT R A ITO F HIS E X CELL ENCY Stephen McKenna 65 TIME T O BE GOING R.H. Mottram 66 DARK FIRE Elinor Mordaunt 67 THE BEACH O F DREAM SH. de Vere Stacpoole (8 PORT R A ITO F A LADY Lady Eleanor Smith 69 YOUNG FELIX Frank Swinnerton 70 WHITE RAJAH Owen Rutter 71 CAPTAIN BLOOD Rafael Sabatini 72 HAPPINESS Cosm o Hamilton 73 CAESAR DIES Talbot Mundy 74 THE U N DIS COVE CRED O U N TRY Stephen McKenna 75 A MODERN MELODY Geoffrey Moss 76 T E R MINUS Doris Leslie JACKDAW J.l LOOK T O THE LADY J.3 MADAM H O LLE J.4 T IG E R’S CUB J.S LIND A SHAWN J.6 MEN ARE UNWISE J.7 PRIVATE LIVES J.8 FIDELITY J.9 THE C RIM EAT BLACK DUDLEY J. 10 ARM O U RED DOVES J.l I SPARTACUS J.I2 RELEASE THE LIONS J.I3 SOU N DING BRASS J.\4 THE GLORY O F TH ECON QUE RED J. 16 SUNSET SONG J.I7 NIGH TOUT J.I8 CRESCENDO J.I9 CLOUD HOWE J.20 RETURN T O EDEN J.2I THE WHITE COT T AGE MYSTERY J.22 THE B ADDING TON HORROR Rupert Croft-Cookc Ethel Mannin Susan Glasnell Lewis Grassic Gibbon Rupert Croft-Cooke Ethel Mannin Lewis Grassic Gibbon George Goodchild Margery Allingham WalterS. Masterman «(POCKET” GUIDES .lG HAN ISLETS, O F WIGHT .WILT SAND ROD SET Edited by W .S. Shears G.2 KENT. SURREY AND SUSSEX Edited by W .S. Shears G.3 NOR FOLK .SUFFOLK. ESSEX. CAM BRIDGE Edited by W .S. Shears G.4 DEVON AND CORN WALL Edited by W .S. Shears G.5 GLOUCESTER ,MON MOUTH ,HER EFO RD. CROW ESTER SHIRE SAND A LOP Edited by W .S. Shears G.6 N O TTS. DERBY. STAFFS Edited by W .S. Shears G.7 SO M ER SET Edited by W .S. Shears G.8 CUMBER LAND .NORTH UMBER LAND ,WEST ROM LAND &NORTH L A N C S Edited by W .S. Shears G.9 WESTERN SCOT LAND &THE ISLES Edited by W .S. Shears TOUCAN T.l T.9 T .I0 T .lIT .I2 T .I3 T.l 4 T .IS T.l 9 T.20 T.2I T.22 T.23 T.24 T.29 T.30 T.3I T.32 T.33 T.34 DOC TOR'S D E FENCE Sidney Fairway THE GOLDEN ROD H. M.E. Clamp THE TREE O F KNOW LED GEE. W . Savi BUTTERFLY WINGS Margaret Peterson VISTA THE DANCER Oliver Sandys A CUCKOO IN HARLEY STREET Sidney Fairway COURT SHIP IN KEN Y ANoraK. Strange CHEST R E A MING GULL Angus MacVicar RAG A MUFFIN Maysie Greig CHICANE Oliver Sandys REL U C T ANT SINNERS Sidney Fairway C LAC KING SHUTTLES Florence Bone TERROR O F TOR LAND ST. C.H. Jacobs MIXED PICKLE Joan Butler F LOWE RING DEATH Angus MacVicar CROOKED FINGER Angus MacVicar D E A THIN THE DARKNESS Charles Barry RED HANDED Lee Thayer D E A THO F ANTON Alan Melville AND THEN O NED A R KNIGHT Edmund Snell SPECIALS Margery Allingham Margery Lawrence George Goodchild Ethel Mannin Ethel Mannin Paul Selver Susan Glaspell Margery Allingham Bernard Newman J. Leslie Mitchell 5.1 THE YEAR IN STORY AND PIC TU REEdited by Lewis Broad 5.2 A CENTURY O F ENTERTAINMENT 5.3 THE PROBLEM O F PALESTINE Maude Royden, G.H., D.D. (Honoris causa) 5.4 GER MANY —HAMMER O R ANVIL .J. C. Johnstone 5.5 P O LAND’S DESTINY Is Poland Mistress of Europe's Fate George Bilainkin SPORTS— Fully Illustrated SP .I SP.2 THE BOOK O F SWIM MING AND DIVING Sid G. Hedges CAY H NOTING A SMALL INCOME Maurice Griffiths PSYCHIC JL.I JL.2 THE P HAN TOM O F THE DAWN THE HOUSE O F THE OTHER WORLD Violet Tweedale Violet Tweedale
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