The Second Great War No. 64

ROUND THEW 0 R L Here you have an abridged list of countries about which, or from which con­tributions have appeared in the last three issues of“ W orld Digest.” ARGENTINA AUSTRALIA AFGHANISTAN BRAZIL BULGARIA BAFFIN LAND CHANNEL ISLES CHINA CUBA CANADA FRANCE GREAT BRITAIN GREECE GERMANY ITALY INDIA IRAN IRELAND JAPAN LEBANON MIDDLE EAST NEW GUINEA NEWFOUNDLAN NORWAY NEW ZEALAND POLAND PALESTINE PERU PORTUGAL RUSSIA SWEDEN SOUTH AFRICA SICILY SPAIN TURKEY TUNISIA U.S.A. W. AFRICA YUGO-SLAVIA FROM every quarter of the globe, from J a panto San Fran cisco ,from Green land to South A m eric a ,the new sp ape rs, periodicals and literature of the world are searched for items of in te res t,in order to present to readers of “World Dig est” each month thou g ht- p ro v o king reading matte ron an infinite variety of subjects .The article sin “World Digest ”have the merit of conciseness, the virtue of clear presentation ,the joy of good are din gin te llig e t,n lively ,often witty ,some times learned ,always worth attention .To read it regularly is to be well inform done matters of moment through out the world .If you can not get a copy ,and it is not easy to do so, borrow one, a n d,in any c a se, make sure “World Digest ”heads your personal list of post war publications .NINEPENCE MONTHLY World Digest EDITED B Y SIR JOHN HAMMERTON Printed in England and published on the 15th of each month liv the Proprietors, Tut A glam a mated Press ,Ltd The Electway House, I’arringdon Street, London, li.C.4. Sole Agents for Australia and New Zealand 1 Messrs. Gordon& (iotch, Ltd. ,and for South Africa :Central NeWs Agency, Ltd. Registered for transmission by Canadian Magazine Post. S.V
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