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INTRODUCTION by SIR KINGSLEY WOOD, M.P. Secretary of State for Air and President of the Air Council EVERYBODY today is well aware of the new significance of the air in relation to the security of Great Britain and the Empire. This knowledge has rapidly increased with the expansion of the Royal Air Force and its kindred Forces in the Dominions, and with the recent inauguration of such bodies as the Air Defence Cadet Corps and the Civil Air Guard. This special publication is designed to tell the public about His M ajesty’s Air Forces at Home and Overseas. It should also do much to stimulate interest in air matters, particularly among the younger generation, and I hope encourage many to join this fine Service. KING SL E WOODY HIS MAJESTY TH EKING, Marshal of the Royal Air Force, is seen on this page inspecting the mechanism of a Hawker Hurricane. Our cover picture, based on a Flight photograph, also shows a Hurricane fighter.
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