Bovril - Handy Book And Diary Of The War

RANKIN THE 1. ARMY Aidc-dc-Camp 7. Major 2. (btyjge). (sleeve). Field-Marshal 8. ‘Captain (badge). (sleeve). J. General (badge). 1 ).Lieutenant 4. (sleeve). Major-General 10. Hog. (,»..M (badge). .S. 5. (sleeve). Colonel (sleeve). 11. S (5 (sleeve). ergt.-Major . 1 ,ieut.-Colonel (slecye). 12. Sergeant 1. (sleeve). Aide-D e-C amp. —Badge worn on capon 2. ly Field -Mars hal .-Cap, shoulder-strap, 3. gorget. and Gene r al.— Cap and Li gorget. eitte. nant-G eneral’s badge is same as No 4, but with crown instead of 4. star. Major -Gene r al.— Sam fore Brigadier -Gene r al, but the latter has no sta 5. r. Colonel .—The shoulder-strap has a above crown two stars; the cap bears the regimental 0. badge. Lieut .-Colonel .—The shoulder-strap has a crown and one star ;regimental badge on 7. cap. M a jor.—Shoulder-strap bears crown o regim nly; ental badge on 8. cap. Captain .—Shoulder strap bears three sta reg rs; im en tal badge cap.!).on Lieu ten ant ;—Shoulder -strap bears two stars ;regimental badge Son cap. eco nd- L i e u tenant has one star only on sleeve and 10. shoulder. II K G 1 MENTAL QUARTERM The ASTER-SERGEANT.--- Q.M.S. and the StafT-Sergeant wear four stripes without 11. crown. Comp any -Serge a n t-M a jo r .Th eCo lour-S erg ante wears crossed colours over three strip 12. es. Serge ant. Corporal wears two strip and es t lie L ance-Corporal one stripe only. N.C. chevrons are worn point down on upper right Chaplains arm. wear a black Maltese cross and crown cap;on R.A.M.C. wear the Red Cross mi sleeve; other spccial corps {Veterinary, A.S.(.\, A.O.C., Cyclists, Machine-Gun Sections, &e.) all wear distinctive badges. N.C.O. rankin the Flying Corps have a four-bladed propeller on sleeve above the three stripes. Flying Pilots wear the crowned wings (sur­charged R.F.C.) on left breast. Marksmanship badges consist of crossed rides beneath a crown ;cavalry swordsmanship badges of crossed swords beneath crown ;gunnery, a“(! laurelled and surmounted by crown or star; gun-laying, an“ L ”above the laurels; pii/.e drivers, spur and crossed whips surmounted by a IT 11 crown. MUST BE BOVRIL.
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